Verizon acquires video conferencing app BlueJeans

Verizon acquires video conferencing app BlueJeans

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With the sheer number of people now working from home, it comes as no surprise that video conferencing tools are at their peak, and makes complete sense for the bigger corporations in the world to get a piece of that action. Verizon is one of those said companies. 

Verizon has made the decision to acquire BlueJeans, which is basically a Zoom alternative, delivering video conferencing tools as well as the ability to host virtual events. With Zoom boasting more than 200 million active users at the moment the sum of cash Verizon must’ve dropped on BlueJeans’ desk must’ve been pretty large to give up ownership. However, it’s not clear how much it cost them to get this deal secured but all of the founders and employees will be taken on board so it will be a pretty sizeable sum for employment costs alone. It could, however, prove to be extremely fruitful for Verizon and not just due to the fact that platforms like BlueJeans are currently booming as they plan to ‘deeply integrate’ it into their future wireless plans. These wireless plans consist of remote learning and telemedicine so having BlueJeans’ tech at their disposal will certainly be an advantage.

This deal should be fully finalized in the coming months and Verizon will have itself a great video conferencing tool that can be incorporated into many of their future plans.

Do you think that this is a good time to be purchasing a tool like BlueJeans? Or is the video conferencing bubble going to burst when the COVID-19 pandemic starts being under control? We’ll have to wait and see.