What Time Does iOS 15 come out?

When is iOS 15 coming out? All the details on when you can expect to be able to grab it wherever you are on Earth

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When is iOS 15 coming out?

Today is the day. September 20th is here and you will finally be able to get your hands on Apple’s latest and greatest version of its operating system – iOS 15. We are expecting this to almost be a soft launch with features such as Share Play and customizable email addresses not to be present in the launch release, but rather be added in further updates along the line.

What time is iOS 15 released?

As is Apple’s way iOS 15 will arrive simultaneously for everybody, meaning we can expect the usual hammering of its servers and slow downloads so it’s always advisable to wait for up to a day if you have the patience. If you can’t wait however then the image below shows what time you can expect iOS 15 to drop in your time zone.

Basically, for London, we are looking at 6 pm whereas Los Angeles is 10 am – still exactly the same moment but, well you know, time travel is weird isn’t it?

What will be missing from iOS 15 on launch?

Well as we have mentioned we don’t expect to see Share Play or the ability to customize your icloud.com email addresses at this stage. Also, the much-vaunted ability to add your personal ID (Driver’s License or passport) to Apple Wallet likely won’t arrive until Apple brings us iOS 15.1 later on.

Also, while Apple Maps is getting a large overhaul including the addition of 3D imagery, this likely won’t be present for CarPlay at this stage so you won’t be able to benefit yet if you use it as your GPS of choice.

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