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AMD announce RX6600, a 1080p card at $329/£299.99 – Where to buy

New card for budget PCs
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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Hot on the heels of their last announcements, AMD has revealed a card intended for the low-end to mid-tier gaming PCs, one that is intended to make use of their upscaling technology, FidelityFX.

AMD was sure to mention when asked that they have no updates about supply, so while we know the price is at $329 and £299.99, we actually don’t know if the stock will last longer than it takes you to read this article.

The card doesn’t look like it’ll stand on its own outside of 1080p, but even then, its main focus is to be a cheaper card for people to jump into high-end games with the backing of FidelityFX. FidelityFX uses a proprietary engine to blow up a lower quality image and use various algorithms to ensure that you can play with all the fancy features on, even on a card that costs a tenth of the larger, more expensive GPUs.

The difference between FSR and NVIDIA’s DLSS – other than methods – is that AMD has made it open to all hardware, allowing those on older NVIDIA cards that can’t use DLSS to take advantage of older games during the lack of supply.

What games have FSR?

Available as of October 13thUpcoming games for FidelityFX
22 Racing SeriesAsterigos
Anno 1800Baldur’s Gate 3
ArcadegeddonCall of Duty Vanguard
Back for BloodEdge of the Abyss
Black DeserteFootball 2022
ChernobyliteFarming Simulator 2022
A Chinese Ghost StoryForspoken
Dota 2Grounded
Edge of EternityHellish Quart
EnlistedIron Conflict
Elite Dangerous: OdysseyMyth of Empires
Evil Genius 2No Man’s Sky
F1 2021Second Extinction
Far Cry 6Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2
GamedecThe Elder Scrolls Online
GodfallSwordsman Remake
JX3War Mongrels
KingshuntX4: Foundations
Marvel’s Avengers
The Medium
Necromunda: Hired Gun
Resident Evil Village
The Riftbreaker
Terminator: Resistance
Unreal Engine
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt
World War Z: Aftermath

AMD Radeon RX 6600 Benchmarks

AMD did supply some data containing framerates under the different settings available for FSR on the RX 6600, including Arkane’s latest, Deathloop. All tests were run at 1080p and we’ll be sure to get the real figures once we can get our hands on the card ourselves.

GameNativeFSR Ultra QualityFSR QualityFSR BalancedFSR Performance
Deathloop (DX12, Ultra Preset)85109120131142
Deathloop (DX12, Ultra, Raytracing)6996113129144
Far Cry 6 (DX12, Ultra)91106110110113
Godfall (DX12, Epic)8097106115121
Myst (DX12, Epic)118168189211240
Resident Evil Village (Max)145193221242270
Resident Evil Village (Max, Raytracing)6268787273
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (DX12, Ultra)113152174201236
1080p tests
GameNativeFSR Ultra QualityFSR QualityFSR BalancedFSR Performance
Deathloop (DX12, Ultra Preset)577890100111
Deathloop (DX12, Ultra, Raytracing)43647789105
Far Cry 6 (DX12, Ultra)628495104109
Godfall (DX12, Epic)56748494103
Myst (DX12, Epic)80109127154184
Resident Evil Village (Max)91130156176205
Resident Evil Village (Max, Raytracing)5159626568
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (DX12, Ultra)70100125145166
1440p tests

As you can see between the two, 1440p struggles a little bit with the more intense graphics being offered, but as soon as the FSR is applied, it jumps up dramatically. The only stand-out is Resident Evil with Raytracing, which if you tweaked it a little bit, would probably hit a smooth 60.

AMD Radeon RX 6600 Specs

The 6600 runs on RDNA 2, which also powers the current generation of consoles, with a clock of 2044 MHz and that can then be boosted to 2491 for increased performance. There’s also 8GB of GDDR6, meaning that as long as you stick at 1080p, you’re going to be cruising for a while. You also won’t be using all that much power, as AMD recommends a 450W power supply, with a total power draw of 132W.

It also has its DirectX12 Ultimate, along with AMD’s Infinity Cache, allowing them to transfer information around much faster and easier than before.

Where to buy the AMD Radeon RX 6600?

You can buy the RX 6600 from the following retailers:

Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon CAScan UKBest Buy
We’ll update this table when the different brands get uploaded to the storefronts

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