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Where to buy the Asus ROG Ally – expected retailers

The key information you need for Asus' incoming handheld!
Last Updated on June 14, 2023
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Yes, you’ll soon be able to buy the Asus Rog Ally, and it’s not that far away. Asus is entering the handheld market with a direct competitor to the Stream Deck, and given Asus’ track record it will arrive with some fanfare.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the key information you need, as well as pre-order and buy link info. So when the Rog Ally is available to pick up you can get your hands on it speedily.

Where to buy Asus ROG Ally

Asus ROG Ally handheld

buy Asus ROG Ally - angled shot

7-inch 120Hz display

Full HD 1080p

512GB NVMe PCIe 4 M.2 SSD

Where to buy ASUS ROG Ally – US

Anyone looking to buy the ROG ally should keep an eye on key retailers. and although Amazon and Newegg have yet to reveal pages for the product, we expect them to in the run-up to release. So if you’re keen to buy from either specifically, keep an eye on these links.

Where to buy ASUS ROG Ally – Canada

No sign of the Ally at Amazon or Newegg in Canada, but as in the US you can pre-order the Z1 version from Best Buy.

Where to buy ASUS ROG Ally – UK

For anyone in the UK looking to buy the ROG Ally, Amazon, and Currys will likely be the best retailers to keep an eye on. Amazon UK has not provided a listing, like Amazon US and CA. However, Currys does have a product page live.

Asus ROG Ally specifications

The ROG Ally is sure to provide a huge shakeup when it arrives this summer, offering stiff competition to Valve’s Steam Deck, but being different enough to offer a clear alternative for gamers. For one, the Ally will run Windows 11 rather than being based on Linux; in fact Asus states the Ally will come bundled with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free.

Featuring AMD Ryzen Z1 APUs, users will get Zen 4 CPU architecture and RDNA 3 graphics in the Ally – with the Asus specs page suggesting two variants: the 6-core Z1 and the 8-core Z1 extreme processor. Both will be highly capable processors, supported by LPDDR5 6400 RAM. Additionally, the Ally will utilize PCIe 4.0 SSD support for up to 250GB M.2 storage – with additional expansion available via MicroSD.

Meanwhile, the display is a 7-inch Full HD, 1920 x 1080 touch panel, offering a 120Hz refresh rate ‘wide color gamut’ of sRGB 100% and support for AMD FreeSync Premium. Keen on more detail? Anyone looking to buy the Rog Ally will also benefit from an impressive 500 nits brightness and Corning’s Victus grade Gorilla Glass, with DXC coating.

Needless to say, the Rog Ally feels like it will be a beast for handheld games, opening up the door to even more PC games being played on the go. It’ll offer a strong alternative to other console gaming too, being that the Ally can connect to an external GPU, including Asus’ own ROG XG Mobile. Essentially, it’s a handheld gaming PC, with lots of connectivity options: mouse, keyboard, controller, HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 for external monitor use, Wi-Fi 6E, and more. So basically, a great device with lots of compatibility options and epic games.

ASUS Rog Ally Release Date

The ASUS ROG Ally will be released today, Tuesday June 13th. We don’t yet have a time for the actual release launch, but the date was confirmed by Asus in a May 11th announcement.

Asus Rog Ally battery life

Asus has stated that the ROG Ally battery life will be around two hours ‘heavy gaming’, and approximately 6.8 hours of streaming (“Netflix and YouTube”).

Can Rog Ally run Steam?

Yes, you can run Steam on the ROG Ally. As the device uses Windows 11, you have access to a range of gaming launchers, including Steam. Just download the app from the Steam website and login.

Does Rog Ally have SD card slot?

Yes. Both the Rog Ally Z1 and Z1 Extreme feature UHS-II SD cards. So if you’re not satisfied with the internal storage, there’s an option to upgrade.

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