Where To Buy PlayStation 5 Disc Edition – In stock and available at Game UK today

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where to buy playstation 5

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**Update – Only PS5 Disc bundles left, click here to get them.

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Game UK will be selling stock of the PlayStation 5 disc edition today in various bundles and possibly stand-alone SKUs. Here’s the tweet:

Game UK is cracking down hard on resellers and greedy gamers with their preorder, automatic checks, then charge system. It makes sure everyone has a fair chance of getting on, with canceled preorders going out on a second wave normally after 12 PM. Make sure to check you’re on a genuine Game UK website when purchasing, there are reports of fraudulent Game UK sites taking peoples card details and we really don’t want you being one of them:

Where To Buy PlayStation 5 Disc Edition

Follow the link to the Game UK Playstation 5 bundles page here. For now, it will revert back to the main PlayStation 5 page. Follow @PS5StockAlertUK and turn on notifications to get the edge on orders going live first. PS5 Stock UK are very reliable with their predictions and dates, here’s their last tweet regarding Game UK predictions:

You can also join their Discord server here for the latest updates on not just PlayStation 5 stock, but Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch OLED, Graphics cards, and more. For all the latest, bookmark and follow PC Guides News Hub