Here’s why I think this crazy VR Suit Went Viral

This is one unorthodox VR suit.

Reviewed By: Jack Howarth

Fact Checked By: Kevin Pocock

Why this Crazy VR Suit Went Viral - Exit Suit

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You won’t believe why this VR suit went viral. Well, you will by the end of this article. Despite its seemingly dangerous appearance, this innovative suit promises a unique and immersive experience beyond the traditional realms of virtual reality. Yep, this suit isn’t just made for walking… it can simulate you flying, too.

I’m Alementary, and I’ve been covering technology and hardware news for years on my dedicated YouTube channel. So, when the opportunity came up to collaborate with PC Guide, and share some of the stuff I’m seeing in the world of tech and hardware, I decided to dive right in. Now, what’s so crazy about this VR suit? I took the plunge and attended a tech event to personally experience the VR suit and explore its capabilities. Here are my top three things I like about it – and the last one is kind of weird.

Why This Crazy VR Suit Went Viral

What does this Viral VR suit offer?

What makes this suit special is its unconventional approach to bodily control. Unlike traditional VR setups where users experience slight vibrations or haptic feedback, this suit takes it to the next level. If another player pushes you within the virtual environment, the suit physically responds by throwing you off balance. This heightened level of physical interaction adds an unexpected layer of realism, blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds.

Coming in at number two is the suit’s unique dual functionality. Not only does it serve as an apparatus for VR immersion, but it also acts as a controller. When you run while wearing the suit, your in-game avatar mirrors your movements. This integration of physical activity into the virtual experience elevates the immersion, offering users a more dynamic gameplay environment.

The most surprising revelation, however, comes in at the number one spot – the price. Contrary to the assumption that cutting-edge VR technology comes with a hefty price tag, this viral suit is essentially free. Yup, free. The suit’s designer generously shares the design with hobbyists, enabling anyone with basic tools and materials to assemble their own version at home. The model showcased at the event was crafted from wood, showcasing the democratization of VR technology and making it accessible to a broader audience. What are you waiting for… go get building.

Is this VR suit for you?

While the suit’s affordability and open-source design are undeniably attractive factors, there’s a catch. The VR suit’s final and somewhat bizarre feature is the relinquishing of full control over your body. This unique characteristic may not sit well with everyone, as the suit’s responsiveness to external stimuli can be disorienting and potentially challenging for users to adapt to.

Despite this peculiar aspect, the VR suit’s overall reception at the conference was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were treated to a plethora of cool and innovative technologies, but the viral VR suit managed to steal the spotlight. This unconventional tech leaves us questioning the boundaries of virtual reality, showcasing that sometimes, even when things seem a bit strange, they can captivate the imagination and push the limits of what we thought was possible in the digital realm.

To find out more about this suit head to their official site, Exit Suit. You can even join their dedicated Discord, if you’re keen on trying to build your own suit.

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