You Can Now Limit Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

Say goodbye to Twitter trolls

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It’s no secret that Twitter can be… toxic. It’s a breeding ground for trolls, unsolicited opinions and the unforgiving wrath of fandoms. Not to mention it’s the go-to platform for the infamously feared ‘cancel culture’. 

In the newest update, Twitter is rolling out a feature that was piloted by a limited number of users back in May, for everyone, which will let people choose who can (and can’t) reply to their tweets. Twitter hopes the update will allow users to have “more meaningful conversations” on the platform. 

Now, when you compose a Tweet, you can alter your settings by clicking on the box that says, “Everyone can read this tweet,” and you’ll find three options: Everyone, People you follow and Only people you mention. 

The new feature goes hand-in-hand with a previous one which allows you to hide replies. According to The Verge, if you do choose to limit the replies on your tweet, the replies and the tweet itself will still be public, and anyone can still like or retweet. They will also label tweets with limit replies so that you know “up front” if you can’t join the conversation.