How To Convert PDF To PowerPoint

Learn how to convert PDF to PowerPoint with this step-by-step guide.

How to convert PDF to PowerPoint

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Sometimes, others will send you the presentation you need in the form of a PDF.

You can use this same PDF as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, but you will need to use third party software to achieve this.

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Check out the guides below so you can find the right one for you.


Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is a software that can change how you handle PDF files for as little as $12.99 a month.

However, there is a free trial available for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC so if you think you will only use this software once, you can try it out for free.



Find And Select ‘Export PDF’ Option

In Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you will need to go to the menu on the right hand side of the window. There, you need to find and select the ‘Export PDF’ option.




A new menu will pop up – select ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ and then hit the blue ‘Export’ button below.



Save File As PowerPoint Presentation

Then, a new window will open up and ask you to find the file on your computer.

Select the file in the drop down box by ‘File name’ and then make sure that ‘Save as type’ is set to PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx). Once that’s done, click ‘Save’.



PDF Files Converted To Slides

You can now open up your new PowerPoint and see all of the content from your previous PDF file converted into slides.

Each page will act as a slide so you can present it easily to others as a presentation.


Using Smallpdf (An Online PDF Converter)

Smallpdf is a free, online PDF converter which we think is the best when changing a PDF document into a PowerPoint slideshow.

This is because it keeps the format consistent, plus it’s very quick to use and it’s free to try.

There are other online PDF converters (both free and paid-for) you can try but Smallpdf is our favorite. So, let’s check out how you can use it to convert your PDF into a PowerPoint.



Open The Webpage

First off, you will need to open up their webpage.



Open Up The PDF To PPT Converter Page

Then, on the ribbon menu at the top of the webpage, you need to select the ‘Tools’ option and find ‘PDF to PPT’.

This option will have an orange square icon with a white P inside next to it. Find it, select it and it will open up the PDF to PPT Converter page.



Upload PDF File To Convert

Immediately you will see a giant orange box. Here, you can either drag and drop your PDF file from another open window, or choose it from the ‘Choose Files’ menu.

From the drop down menu, select where you have saved your PDF (you can choose between your device, Dropbox, or even your Google Drive) and then find it and select ‘Upload’.



Download Converted PDF

Once this is done, the conversion will start automatically and then once it says ‘complete’, you just need to select the ‘Download’ option and you are done!

Your PDF will now become a PowerPoint slideshow with one page per slide.

Other Online PDF To PowerPoint Converter Options

Although we personally would recommend Smallpdf as your go-to online tool for converting PDFs into PowerPoint, there are other options available to you online.

If you don’t want to use neither Smallpdf or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, then you can also try out some other online converting tools.

We would also recommend Cisdem, iLovePDF, or even try copying and pasting the PDF to a PowerPoint using Google Drive first.

However, these options take longer and are a bit tricker, so we would still definitely recommend Smallpdf and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC over these options.

So, check out the two methods above, choose the right one for you, and good luck converting your PDF into a PowerPoint.