How To Get Microsoft Word For Free

Microsoft Word is a great program to use - the only issue is that it costs a fortune to buy. Find out here how you can get Microsoft Word for free!

How To Get Microsoft Word For Free

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A lot of us prefer to use Microsoft Word to make our documents for work and studying but purchasing this feature or subscribing to Microsoft 365 can cost a fortune.

So, here are a few ways you can get to use Microsoft Word for free. 


Word Mobile

Word Mobile is a free program that you can install on all Windows devices including laptops, tablets and even your mobile phone. However, this program does come with a few drawbacks. 

You can create and edit files on Word Mobile if you are using it on your mobile phone but you can only view documents when used on any larger devices.

If that’s all you want it for then that’s great, you can head over to the Microsoft Store and download it free –  but a lot of us use Microsoft Word to actually edit and create documents, so this may not be the best option for you. 


Office Online

The best option for a free version of Microsoft Word for your desktop and laptops is Office Online.

Office Online is a way for those with a Microsoft account to access a free but limited version of Microsoft Word using their internet browser.

Of course, this requires internet connection to access and save, and there are not nearly as many features available as the full Microsoft Word when bought and paid for.

However, this version gets the job done and it also makes it easier to share with others for collaborations. This means you and multiple people can edit and work on the same document at once.

Check With Your Work Company, School Or College

You would be surprised how many institutions and companies are willing to give their students and employees free access to Microsoft Office applications completely free of charge. 

So, check with your place of work or study to see if they are offering their workers or students access to download Microsoft Office (and thus Microsoft Word) for free! 

Although this option will only be a temporary solution and your subscription to Microsoft Office will probably expire once you graduate or move onto a different company, it can definitely help you access a free version of the full Microsoft Word! 

Free Alternatives To Microsoft Word

If you’ve had no luck with the above options, then you can always try looking elsewhere for a similar alternative to Microsoft Word. There’s plenty to choose from that are easily accessible. 

For example, Google Docs is the one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Word out there. It’s also easily accessible because a lot of us already have a Google account – just head over to your Google Drive and open up a Google Doc.

You can also access the Google alternatives to PowerPoint and Excel too. 

Another great alternative is Apache’s OpenOffice Writer. It’s pretty old school but it has everything you need and supports online collaboration. Another more modern alternative to Apache’s OpenOffice Writer is LibreOffice Writer.

Like OpenOffice, it’s a free open source product that can support both .doc and .docx files. So, both of these are great options to choose from to download completely for free. 


Trying to get the full version of Microsoft Word for free without it being a gift from your university or place of work would technically be illegal, but there are lesser versions like Word Mobile and Office Online that are available for free.

There are also great alternatives like Google Docs or OpenOffice that you can try out instead. 

Check over the recommendations above and give one of these programs a try! 

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