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Best Heavy-Duty Shredder in 2024: Top Shredders for Businesses

Got a back-catalog of papers to dispose of? Check out our guide on the best heavy-duty shredders!
Last Updated on February 12, 2024
Best Heavy-Duty Shredder

When faced with a mountain of old paperwork to dispose of, having the best heavy-duty shredder is a wise choice. Especially when dealing with personal data or sensitive information, it’s important that documents are shredded quickly, efficiently, and securely. But with an array of paper shredders on the market, it can be hard to find the right one.

That’s where we come in: we’ve collected five of the best heavy-duty shredders for large quantities of document disposal. Whether you are getting rid of useless household paperwork or clearing out your office’s back-catalogue, you’ll find the right shredder below!

Products at a Glance

How We Picked the Best Heavy-Duty Shredder

When picking the best heavy-duty shredders, we considered a range of budgets in order to appeal to as many different business or household sizes as possible. The main purpose of heavy-duty shredders is to dispose of paper documents in large volumes and in a timely fashion, but there are other features to consider. We factored in the sheet capacity – namely how many sheets can be shredded at one time – and the size of the wastebin. These are both key to the efficiency of the shredder, along with the overall running times.

Finally, quality-of-life features such as automated shutdown or overheat prevention also were factored in, to ensure that the available models were all among the best shredder options available.

Our Recommended

Best Heavy-Duty Shredder in 2024: Top Shredders for Businesses

  • High efficiency
  • P-5 security
  • Premium price

Boasting a P-5 security rating, the Auroa AU200MA is the ideal shredder for secure commercial-grade document shredding. A micro-cut shredder, this unit ensures highly secure and highly productive working, as an ideal office shredder!

The AU200MA can run for an hour on its highest duty cycle before needing to cool down, and can take 200 sheets of paper at a time – making for a productivity powerhouse. It’s also capable of shredding other media like credit cards, staples and paperclips; so you’re not slowed down by removing them pre-shredding. What we love most about this shredder is its ultra-quiet operation. If you let it shred automatically, you’ll barely notice it working in your office, which is ideal for loud workspaces. With automated shredding and a cleverly designed wastebin to prevent overspill, there’s a lot to like about the AU200MA. 

The price point, however, is something to dislike: it’s quite expensive by shredder standards, which may alienate some offices. We think it’s reasonable considering the quality, and are happy to call the AU200mA the best heavy-duty shredder on the market!



  • Affordable
  • Anti-Jamming function
  • Long cooldown

The Bonsaii C169-B comes as a knight in shining armor for people with limited budgets, considering the excellent features it offers in exchange for a relatively affordable price. It’s a micro-cut shredder that gives you tiny paper pieces down to 4mm x 12mm in size, which means all of your information will be unreadable and safe from theft.

Boasting a P-4 security certification, this micro-cut shredder creates scraps of paper no larger than 4mm x 12mm – so data is securely illegible. To fix jams smoothly without your intervention, the shredder has automatic start and reverse functions, where the blades will rid themselves of the stuck paper pieces. With a 110-sheet shredder capacity, the C169-B makes for immensely affordable heavy-duty shredding.

However, despite having two modes that both run for impressively long times (30 minutes non-stop in automatic mode, 10 minutes non-stop in manual), the cooldown on the C169-B is longer than average; which can make for far longer shredding periods even with the generously-sized sheet capacity. It doesn’t affect the overall value in our opinion, and we still consider this the best budget heavy-duty shredder on the market!

  • 40-minute runtime
  • Intuitive LED indicators
  • No automated feeding

Producing a maximum noise level of 55db, the Bonsen S3105 is a tremendous commercial-grade cross-cut shredder for those who value silence. Capable of shredding as many as 5000 sheets in its 40-minute runtime, this heavy-duty shredder is a great middle ground between quality and affordability.

The S3105 prides itself on its user-friendliness: it features three convenient buttons on top of the cover that you can use to power it or move the cutters forward and reverse. On top of that, it has LED light indicators to show you when it’s overloading or overheating. To fix paper jams smoothly, it has automatic reverse and start functions. The shredder features a nitrided steel knife for cutting that doesn’t dull easily and resists deformation for a long time. Also, it’s made from premium-quality ABS plastics, guaranteeing you strength and durability.

The one issue with the S3105 as a heavy-duty shredder is its lack of an automated feeder, meaning that you’ll have to get hands-on to hit that 5000-sheet shredding target. With a 9-gallon wastebin capable of only holding 650 sheets worth of shredded paper, you’ll have to be emptying it regularly. But for silent heavy-duty shredding, the Bonsen S3105 is hard to beat!

  • High capacity
  • Automated jam protection
  • P-4 security rating
  • Bulky
  • High price point

The Dahla ShredMATIC SM 300 features a whopping capacity of 300 sheets at a time, making it the right fit for heavy-duty offices with large-volume shredding needs. Better yet, it comes with an auto-feed tray for more productive and efficient shredding.

The shredder utilizes a cross-cutting method that leaves you with tiny strips of paper and a P-4 security level. The shredder’s wastebasket and feed compartment lock automatically to prevent any tampering or unauthorized access. The SM 300 is also capable of shredding credit cards or CDs, for disposing of other forms of valuable data. You’re also much less likely to experience jams with this shredder than any other one on the market, as it features automatic jam protection that causes the process to reverse in case of overload and doesn’t call for maintenance or oiling to stay sharp and smooth.

Though it features convenient wheels for transporting, the shredder is noticeably heavier and bulkier than many of its counterparts – and for a much higher price point. Whilst it may not be an ideal shredder for home because of this, the SM 300 still earns a spot on our list for premium heavy-duty shredding!

  • Long runtime
  • P-4 security
  • Cumbersome design

For the median between a long running time and a large sheet capacity, consider Bonsaii’s C149-C. Another Bonsaii shredder, this unit is ideal for general-purpose shredding in high quantities!

Another cross-cut shredder, the C149-C shreds documents into pieces as small as 5mm x 25mm. It can take 18 sheets at a time, with an impressive 60-minute runtime on its heaviest duty cycle. Overall, the C149-C also runs quietly at around 62db of noise, making for smooth running. There’s a lot to like about this compactly designed shredder.

However, in spite of that compactness, the C149-C is noticeably heavy: weighing over 20 pounds. Thankfully, the body comes with four lockable wheels to move it with. Overall, we still highly recommend the C149-C as a mid-range heavy-duty shredder for offices or households!

Features and Considerations

If you’re considering a different contender for the best heavy-duty shredder, here are some factors to consider before buying:

Auto-Feed Tray

In heavy-duty shredders, the presence of an auto-feed tray can make all the difference. It lets you load a large number of documents onto it and then finish your work as the shredder works tirelessly for its designated runtime. Instead of manually loading 12-20 sheets, an automated shredder can load up to 150-300 sheets and shred them without your interference.

Maximum Sheet Capacity

I’s essential you check its maximum sheet capacity of your shredder: the higher the capacity is, the more sheets you’ll be able to shred in a shorter time.This is the main barrier than separates the best heavy-duty shredders. Ensure that the shredder you pick has the capacity you require – anything below 15 sheets is likely not going to be enough for large duty cycles.


Shredders run for a range of 3 to 60 minutes at any one time before overheating, which means you have to choose wisely. Most heavy-duty shredders run for 30-60 minutes nonstop. While 30 minutes is enough to shred a considerable amount of documents, it might not be sufficient for many fields of work. That’s why you should choose depending on your needs.

Another feature to check for is the cool-down time. Some shredders take a 10-minute break, while some need an hour or 45 minutes to recoup, which is inconvenient in large-volume shredding environments.

Security Rating

Some fields of work necessitate high-security shredders to protect sensitive information. In order to determine the most secure shredders, check for a rating between P-1 and P-7. P-7 shredders are the most secure, whilst P-1 is the least. For most commercial-grade shredding, P-4 security is ideal.

Cross-Cut vs Micro-Cut Shredders: Which Is Better?

The two most common types of secure shredder model are Cross-Cut and Micro-Cut shredders, as they reduce paper down to sizes compliant with P-4 or higher security ratings. Micro-Cut shredders do exactly as they say: multiple blades divide paper into fractional sizes of confetti-like paper. Meanwhile, Cross-Cut shredders use fewer blades but cut the paper in multiple directions, creating larger but equally illegible scraps of paper.

Overall, Micro-Cut shredders are the more secure, and tend to occupy the higher security ratings of P-5 and above. Cross-Cut shredders are more affordable, however, and still have a security rating that’s ideal for general business document disposal. Depending on how secure the information you deal in is, consider investing in a Micro-Cut shredder.

What's the lifespan of a heavy-duty shredder?

Heavy-duty shredders live for a range of 5-10 years before needing replacements. However, you can prolong this lifespan by regular maintenance and adhering to the designated runtime and cool-down time for your shredder.

Is a P-4 rating good?

Yes: A P-4 security rating equates to a secure shredding level, making for documents that are highly illegible and near-impossible to reconstruct. Whilst there are higher ratings, this is ideal for commercial-grade data protection. 

Our Verdict

If you can afford the investment, the Aurora AU200MA is the best heavy-duty shredder for commercial or household use! Secure and efficient, this shredder will render documents and other media inert quickly and quietly!

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