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Best Honeywell Barcode Scanner: Top Scanner Picks for Business

Invest in a top scanning solution from Honeywell, with a little help from our buyer's guide.
Last Updated on April 2, 2024
Best Honeywell Barcode Scanner

As we’ve highlighted before, the best Honeywell barcode scanners are among the best scanners on the market, period.
Honeywell has been a mainstay in the barcode scanner industry for some time now, providing endless scanner options to cover many business needs with a great standard for quality and affordability. With so many different models, however, it can be hard to tell which is the suitable product for your venture. 

We’ve highlighted a handful of the top Honeywell scanners for a quick buyer’s guide, assessing the merits and demerits of each. We’ve tried to cover a broad range of business scanner needs – from retail points-of-sale through to warehouse inventory scanners – so regardless of your specific needs we can find the right Honeywell scanner for you!

Products at a Glance

How We Picked the Best Honeywell Scanner

As with the best Zebra barcode scanners, the Honeywell make is not limited to one type of scanner: there are numerous different use cases for different business needs. As such, we’ve considered the top offerings from a range of different requirements. We factored the usefulness of every use case, from ergonomic factors like weight and form factor through to practicalities like battery life and omnidirectional scanning. Compatibility with different barcode types, such as European EAN numbers or 2D codes such as QR codes, were also important considerations.

We settled on five products from Honeywell, all top barcode scanners, across a range of price points. Whether you need an industrial-grade scanner for busy inventories or a low-cost checkout scanner, we’ve chosen an array of suitable solutions.

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  • Great battery life - rated for 14 hours and with built-in memory to help store scans, the 1952G-HD is long-lasting for intensive scanning sessions.
  • Ergonomic design - weighing just 220g and able to scan torn or angled barcodes, the scanner is highly versatile.
  • Poor operating temperature - the 1952G-HD isn't able to operate at low temperatures, alienating it as an option for many cold-storage businesses.

As mentioned in the introduction, Honeywell scanners are among the best on the market, and the Honeywell Xenon XP 1952G-HD proves it by topping our ranking as the best Honeywell barcode scanner. A tremendous all-rounder for retail and inventory needs, this extreme-performance scanner is intelligent and easy to use.

Thanks to an onboard processor, the XP 1952G-HD never fails to scan a code regardless of whether it’s torn or angled. Storing the data internally when out of its docket, the barcode scanner is both useful as a portable tool and for set points. Lightweight and with a long battery life, you can entrust this scanner to meet your every need.

However, the operating temperature threshold of the 1952G-HD is poorer than other scanners, with a minimum temperature of 32°F, making it less suitable for cold environments. It’s a small flaw, though, and we are still happy to name the Xenon XP 1952G-HD as our top Honeywell scanner.

  • Easy to use - with a quick setup and great Bluetooth range, the 1602G2D is ideal for warehouses.
  • Compact form factor - the 1602G2D is easy to carry thanks to a small but sturdy build.
  • Limited functionality - the 1602G2D isn't as configurable as other barcode scanners which may not make it ideal for all use cases.

Though the former is still a versatile option for inventories, the Honeywell 1602G2D is the ideal solution. If you need a scanning solution for large warehouses or depots, then this pocket-sized scanner is the choice for you.

Setup is fast with the 1602G2D: once it’s paired via Bluetooth with an appropriate device such as a tablet or PDA, you can get to scanning right away. It can operate up to 10m away from this host device, for more versatile scanning. With a tiny footprint and 12-hour battery life, this omnidirectional scanner doesn’t sacrifice function for form.

As a unit, however, the 1602G2D is quite barebones, which can be a feature rather than a flaw for some. It loses out on a top spot due to a lack of fine-tuning control. For your standard suite of scanning, however, the 1602G2D is a tremendous addition to any warehouse.

  • Highly durable - impact-resistant and double-sealed against the elements, the 1991i-SR can take a lot of punishment.
  • Easy to use - with a quick setup packaged with a dedicated configuration tool, this barcode scanner makes cataloging far easier.
  • Heavy - the heft of this barcode scanner can make it tiring if in constant use, and a burden to carry.

If you require a more rugged scanning solution, consider the Honeywell Granit 1991i-SR.  Built to withstand some of the harshest and most heavy-duty working conditions, this is a brutally durable heavy-duty Honeywell barcode scanner.

Dual-sealed at IP67 and IP65 respectively, the 1991i-SR is highly resistant to dust and moisture. It can also operate in extreme temperatures as low as -4°F. This powerful chassis contains a reliable and performant barcode scanner that can pick up codes off any surface and in imperfect conditions at very fast speeds. You also get the Honeywell Scanner Management Utility tool, which allows you to set up automations and integrations with your work systems seamlessly.

As a heavy-duty device, the 1991i-SR is very heavy. It weighs a little under 2lbs, and this can make it a cumbersome carry. That weight ensures durability, however, and this Honeywell barcode scanner is still one of the top choices on the market.

  • Affordable - the low price point means that the Hyperion 1300g is a tremendously valuable addition to any retail environment.
  • Fast processing - barcodes are processed quickly and efficiently, able to parse torn or angled codes with ease.
  • 1D barcodes only - the Hyperion 1300g is only capable of standard 1D codes, not QR codes or EAN numbers.

Don’t assume that because the Honeywell Hyperion 1300g is a budget barcode scanner that it is any less effective: even Honeywell’s cheapest models still come with great functionality, and this unassuming scanning solution is just another example of it.

The 1300g is a sturdy and fairly lightweight pistol-style scanner that carries a powerful 1D laser sensor capable of impressive scanning performance. It can even read barcodes that are partially damaged. Connect to your point-of-sale or other device via USB cable, and be scanning quickly and effectively thanks to this surprisingly fast barcode scanner. The 1300g is also more durable than many other barcode scanners at this price point, adding terrific value for money.

That said, the price does still limit this to being a USB-only 1D barcode scanner, making it less portable and only suited to basic barcodes. For an affordable and easy-to-use Honeywell barcode scanner, the Hyperion 1300g is the right choice.

  • Tablet functionality - use the ScanPal for everything from emails to photos, along with barcode scanning.
  • Long battery life - rated for 12 hours of continuous use, this barcode scanner is ideal for long periods without recharging.
  • Premium price - as you're buying an all-in-one device, expect a higher-than-average price point for the ScanPal.

Our final pick of the best Honeywell barcode scanners may seem like an unconventional one. Effectively an Android PDA with a scanner built in, the ScanPal EDA50 is a much more versatile scanning solution. For businesses that need a responsive and feature-packed device, this is a worthwhile consideration.

Alongside the responsive and intuitive scanner, you also get a 13MP camera as part of the device, enabling you to document other aspects of inventorying or scanning with ease. The highly accommodating touchscreen and Android operating system give you an array of additional functions. From emails to documents, you can use the ScanPal in any number of ways. It also ships with a number of optional accessories such as cases and keyboards, for even more versatility.

However, that added functionality isn’t cheap, and the ScanPal EDA50 will set you back the same as a tablet. If you require a range of different tools on-the-go and don’t want to carry multiple costly devices, then the ScanPal EDA50 is an all-in-one productivity powerhouse.

Features and Considerations

If you’re considering upgrading to a new Honeywell barcode scanner not on our list, then here are some qualities to consider:


Just as important as the scanner itself is the device that you connect with. Honeywell barcode scanners are highly connectable, but always be sure to double-check that your native device – be it PC, tablet or even smartphone – has compatibility. Equally, the method of connection should be considered: the best Honeywell scanners are Bluetooth compatible for wireless scanning, but wired scanners are much harder to lose.


Similarly to how far you can take your scanner, how far that scanner can then reach is important. If you struggle reaching certain product codes or don’t want to constantly retrieve products from high shelves, make sure you buy a scanner with better range. Honeywell barcode scanners have ranges ranging from a handful of inches through to several feet, so different use cases will require different ranges.

Form Factor

As you’ve seen above, barcode scanners take on many different forms – even more than on our list. Consider what will be most useful for your business. Other barcode scanner variants include handsfree scanners for static placement, and even rings that allow you to wear your scanner. The choices are both subjective and subject to your business type, so consider a range of options.

Do barcode scanners work on QR codes?

Yes: more advanced barcode scanners work on more complex “2D” codes, such as QR codes. Depending on the information presented on the code, however, your device may not be able to read it.

Do I need AC power for my barcode scanner?

Most barcode scanners work either by USB connection to a tablet or POS, or via a battery pack. The latter will likely need a power socket for it’s charging dock, but otherwise not.

Our Verdict

Though it’s not as useful in colder use cases, the Honeywell Xenon XP 1952G-HD is still our top Honeywell barcode scanner, and one of the best investments for business of any size or speciality. For high-speed wireless scanning that is highly mobile and long-lasting, there’s very little to dislike about this top scanning solution.

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