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Best Smart Whiteboard 2024: Develop Ideas With Ease

Collaborate more efficiently with one of the best smart whiteboards
Last Updated on March 27, 2024
Best Smart Whiteboard

Whiteboards remain a staple of classrooms and conference rooms alike, as an effective way of presenting information in an easy and accessible manner. For a more modern solution, however, the best smart whiteboards improve the design in a number of ways. Features such as touch screens, 4K resolutions, and highly intuitive application ecosystems make these boards a must-have in any learning environment.

To help, we’ve put together a guide of our top recommendations for smart whiteboards, across a range of factors and considerations. With products across a range of budgets and specializations, you’ll be sure to find the right smart whiteboard for your needs!

Products at a Glance

How We Picked the Best Smart Whiteboard

Smart whiteboards are crammed with all sorts of different features, and we considered all of them while picking our boards. However, we prioritized key features, such as touch sensitivity, display quality and responsiveness; whilst factoring all these against the overall cost of the unit. We noted the overall size of the model – with most of the best smart whiteboards being generally around 50″ in size – but chose an array of product footprints to suit different needs.

We settled on four products, across a range of different price points. As ever, we’ve tried to account for as many different use cases as we can across business and educational purposes, to ensure you get the most out of this list – and your choice of smart whiteboard.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Highly versatile - the built-in processing power means that you can use this smart whiteboard in an array of situations.
  • Responsive screen - the Vibe S1 has low latency to inputs and a high number of touchpoints for improved performance.
  • Unintuitive storage - the internal SSD is a welcome but cumbersome addition to the smart whiteboard, making it difficult to organize files.

The Vibe S1 is a smart whiteboard with a built-in computer running on a Chromebook-derived operating system. This makes the smart whiteboard a stellar standalone pick for offices and classrooms, and our top choice in today’s guide.

With an 8ms response time and 20 simultaneous touchpoints, the S1 is a responsive and reliable smart whiteboard. With built-in compatibility for an array of different app choices and 8GB of built-in RAM, your presentation is no longer limited by your native device. You can also collaborate with the S1’s display wirelessly, for easy annotation and commentary in online meetings. Getting set up and cleared up are both equally easy, with quick installation and casting from other devices – with both cloud storage and a 128GB internal SSD. As a hybrid smart whiteboard solution, there’s a lot to like about the S1.

That said, there are also a few factors to dislike. The internal storage is somewhat difficult to organize and navigate, and is best done from an external device. This can prove frustrating for heavy-duty use, but otherwise isn’t deal-breaking. The Vibe S1 remains our top choice for a smart whiteboard.

  • High-quality screen - the 4K LCD touchscreen makes for intuitive and high-quality displays.
  • Portable - the Flip 2 can be easily rotated and moved from room to room thanks to the portable design.
  • No pressure sensitivity - the screen's overall usefulness is limited by a lack of touchscreen functionality.
  • Poor software - unless you're connected to another device, the Flip 2's operating system is unwieldy.

The Samsung Flip 2 takes the second spot in our best smart whiteboard rankings thanks to its great marriage of price and quality: a relatively affordable device that can easily compete with top-of-the-line smart boards. Samsung’s excellent proficiency in making tablets is effectively supersized, making this smart whiteboard easy to write on and display information in great clarity.

The Flip 2 features a 4K LCD screen, available in an array of sizes – from 55″ up to 85″. The titular “Flip” of the whiteboard refers to its ability to quickly rotate it between portrait and landscape modes. As well as this, the board is maneuverable, and easy to set up on its wheeled mount, which allows you to move it around the room, and transport it longer distances with ease. You’ve also got an array of wired and wireless connectivity options, along with two complimentary styluses to use. 

We do have some issues with this smart whiteboard, however: the screen isn’t pressure-sensitive which hamstrings its fidelity, and the native presentation software is somewhat lackluster. It’s a limiting factor, but one that doesn’t inhibit the Flip 2’s abilities as a highly compatible smart whiteboard for business or education.

  • Excellent display - the huge 98" 4K touchscreen is ideal for presenting an array of detailed material.
  • Highly compatible - dozens of connectivity options and nine simultaneous connections make the IFP9850 a stellar collaborative tool.
  • Bulky - due to it's large size, the IFP9850 is naturally very heavy and won't be suited to every office or classroom space.

With a whopping 98″ display, the ViewSonic IFP9850 is an interactive flat panel that’s an ideal high-resolution smart whiteboard solution for the largest of offices. Highly compatible and connected, the IFP9850 is ideal for designers, engineers and any other offices needing to present detailed elements on a large scale.

Like the Vibe S1, the IFP9850 comes with 20 simultaneous touchpoints to allow detailed collaboration. For external device collaboration, there are almost 20 external ports including multiple HDMI, USB and 35mm audio inputs. Even without external audio, however, the 32W speakers make for great audio quality in most spaces, making this large smart whiteboard more of an all-in-one device. Up to 9 other devices can be simultaneously displayed on the IFP9850, allowing you to make the most of the screen real estate for complex presentations.

Of course, the size likely isn’t ideal for most offices or classrooms, and you certainly can’t take it with you. For near cinema-size screening of your presentations and collaborative content, then the IFP9850 is a stellar large smart whiteboard for your business or school.

  • Portable - thanks to a rechargeable battery pack, the Surface Hub 2S can be moved freely without reliance on a cable.
  • AI-powered transcription - the smart whiteboard turns handwriting into text through an intuitive detection system.
  • Poor app compatibility - you are limited to apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, meaning that most niche applications aren't compatible with the Surface Hub 2S.

Marketed as a versatile business tool with an array of sizes and mounting options, the Surface Hub 2S from Microsoft is a great business-minded smart whiteboard solution. In the same manner as Samsung’s Flip 2 ran using Samsung’s OS, the Surface Hub 2S runs on the same system as Microsoft’s Surface Pro laptops and tablets. Portable and powerful, this smart whiteboard is great for conferences, presentations and collaborative designs.

One unique element we like about the Surface Hub 2S is its battery pack: rather than being rooted to an AC socket, this smart whiteboard is much more portable than other similar products. And with a variety of stands available, you can tailor your board to fit your space better. It also boasts a unique AI-powered handwriting identifier, that transcribes written text into typeface for easier planning. Running on  Windows with Microsoft’s Surface design, the smart whiteboard boasts high compatibility with the standard array of Office apps: Teams, Excel and Word are just some of the dedicated apps this unit has support for.

That said, there are noteworthy gaps in it’s support: many third-party apps, and even some native Microsoft ones, don’t have compatibility with the Surface Hub 2S. It’s a significant oversight, and may dampen this unit for some businesses. However, most will find it to be a highly portable and versatile office whiteboard, ideal for your business needs.

Features and Considerations

If your choice for the best smart whiteboard wasn’t on our list, here are some things to consider:

Whiteboard Size

Naturally, the physical size of your display is a key consideration: ensuring that every member of your cohort can easily see the screen. Factor in your physical space, and where power outlets are positioned, as you need to not only house the smart whiteboard but power it.

Whiteboard Display

Size isn’t the only consideration, however. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s listed resolution for high quality results. A 98″ whiteboard only capable of 720p display quality is arguably worth less than a 50″ display in 4K, so consider what the priorities for your presenting space are.


How you present your subject matter is just as important as what you present. The best smart whiteboards come with intuitive connection options, both wired and wireless, that enable a range of devices to connect – but always double-check if you favor a particular connection type. Equally, the native software that the board uses to display content is important, as it can help or hinder your ability to present certain file types.

Simultaneous Connectivity

If you want to collaborate or highlight multiple works at once, it’s worth investing in a device capable of accommodating multiple users. The best smart whiteboards allow for smart simultaneous casting and allow for multiple users to contribute both in-person and remotely.


The response time of your smart whiteboard is also essential, to save you from embarrassing delays in presentations or slowed displaying of content. You generally want a response time below 1ms for the best results.


“Touchpoints” refers to how many physical touch inputs a smart whiteboard can account for simultaneously – the more, the better. For complex collaboration, a higher number of touchpoints is essential.

Do you need a stylus for a smart whiteboard?

No: most smart whiteboards are touch-operated, but a stylus simply adds more precision and finer control over what you select, write and type.

Do you need a camera for a smart whiteboard?

Some smart whiteboards come with a webcam built-in, whilst others allow you to place a standalone unit to better suit your space. The best smart whiteboards utilize an intuitive AI camera that tracks who is speaking, enabling the receiving-end client to focus on the individual rather than a wide area.

Our Verdict

Though the internal storage is somewhat convoluted, the Vibe S1 takes our top spot as the best smart whiteboard for businesses or education! Highly compatible and easy to use, this fast and intuitive whiteboard allows you to supercharge your productivity and collaborate easily – both in-person and remotely!