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Best Projector Under $200 in 2023

Last Updated on March 14, 2022

There is still something inherently cool about owning a projector. It’s still seen as a big-ticket item, a sign of a degree of coolness and wealth even. This is despite the fact you can get your hands on some really good budget offerings these days.

As good as your TV might be, there is nothing quite like watching something like Game of Thrones on a picture the size of your wall. In fact, many projectors throw an image perfectly well onto a light wall, especially if it’s a light gray, so you don’t even necessarily need a screen – just don’t try and project onto pattern wallpaper for that way lies a headache!

Obviously, at this price point, you are going to have to accept you will be foregoing the likes of 4K and some of the other niceties a couple of thousand will often get you, but for a cheap device, that you might even want to use outdoors in some cases for movie night, the projectors we are going to look at here are going to more than have you covered.

Let’s get going.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best Projector Under $200 in 2023

  • HD
  • Decent audio
  • Lots of connections
  • Not suitable for presentation work
  • Unique, small form-factor
  • Very bright image
  • Good sound
  • Loud fan
  • Most expensive of the three
  • Under $100
  • Good connections
  • Good picture in a darkened room
  • Not HD
  • Lamp isn’t the best
  • The remote control has no backlight, so in a dark room...well.

How long will my lamp last?

Generally, you will get a projector that gives you a time of around the 40k hours mark. Will they last that long, maybe. What I have tended to find, even with more expensive projectors, is that other parts tend to start packing in long before the lamp goes.

I have had a couple of Optoma DLP units now that started getting increasing numbers of white pixels on the display as the DMD chip inside failed, often due to the heat. Cost of replacement? About $500, More eco-waste it is then.

This is annoying as the method they use to make it sound like it will last forever isn’t what will fail. Still, if you are buying a projector in this price range, you probably wouldn’t be looking to repair it anyway.

Our Verdict

For me, I’m choosing the Wsiiroon here. It’s cheaper than the Irulu and certainly seems to be on a par feature-wise. Yes, it looks like a printer, and perhaps the built-in speaker doesn’t sound as good, but we wouldn’t recommend sticking with that anyway. And should you fancy an outdoor movie night, you can even use it outdoors, making that camping trip potentially even more fun (by forgetting you are camping).