What is See-Through View on PSVR 2?

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The launch of PSVR 2 is just one week away, and we’re getting super excited about the new features on the console, including See-Through View on the PSVR 2 headset.

But what is See-Through View exactly? It’s a feature on the PSVR 2 which allows the user to see their real-life surroundings whilst wearing the headset. This is useful if you need to grab something whilst you’re in the middle of gameplay, like a drink of water. Simply press a button and your view will switch to the world around you, using the inbuilt cameras on the headset.

This is also useful for checking your whereabouts in your room. If you’re a particularly clumsy gamer who tends to bump into walls or kick the sides of tables (no shame), this function will be a big help in reducing any potential harm.

We’re not sure if the cameras will also be used for playing actual games, a la Pokemon Go. Let’s wait and see!

How do I use See-Through View on PSVR 2?

See-Through View looks like it will be a fairly simple feature to use. By using a button on the side of the headset, or the Card in the Control Center, you can quickly and easily switch between normal gameplay and See-Through View. This makes things a whole lot easier as you will not have to take off your headset. So you can stay right in the action.

See-Through View is a neat feature that allows you to see your surroundings, meaning you can grab that controller, drink or snack whilst in the middle of a game.

Can I record in See-Through View?

No, you will not be able to record. The function is viewing the space around you only.

Does PSVR 2 have eye-tracking?

Another immersive VR feature boasted by Sony’s PSVR 2 is eye-tracking. This means that the device can detect when you blink. It’s something that can be incorporated into games, such as first-person horror shooter The Dark Picture: Switchback VR, which draws enemies towards you each time you blink.

Final Thoughts

We’re still waiting for the big reveal itself to find out more about See-Through View and its capabilities. So stay tuned for February 22, 2023, when PSVR 2 will go on the market. You’ll be able to get your hands on one of the headsets yourself and test out all the fantastic features available.

However, from what we can see so far, this feature looks set to make virtual reality gaming a whole lot easier.

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