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Best Raspberry Pi Laptop in 2022

Transform a Raspberry Pi into a portable computer with the best RPi laptop kits
Last Updated on May 11, 2022
best raspberry pi laptop

There’s no shortage of creative Raspberry Pi-powered projects and clever-minded tinkerers pushing the envelope of what the diminutive DIY mini-computer can do – as the best Raspberry Pi Laptops of 2022 prove! Laptop conversions are among the most satisfying of projects; nothing quite illustrates the power of the Pi than one sitting comfy like an electronic hermit crab in a repurposed Dell or Lenovo laptop.

But, for those of us out there that aren’t blessed with the dexterity, know-how, and patience for experimentation, there’s another great, not to say relatively painless, way to transform a Raspberry Pi into a genuine laptop, screen, keyboard, and all: Raspberry Pi laptop kits. From educationally-geared project stations to well-guided DIY projects by way of sleek, all-in-one kits that, while far behind laptop design-maestros like Apple, bring some visual flair to the RPi experience, these versatile kits with a familiar form factor are a gentle first step into the fun and creative world of the Raspberry Pi.

In thisguide, we’re showcasing some of the best Raspberry Pi laptops currently available to, hopefully, help steer those tempted to take the leap towards a purchase they won’t soon regret.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best Raspberry Pi Laptop in 2022

  • Familiar clamshell design
  • 10 hour battery life
  • 13.3-inch HD TFT LCD
  • Keyboard and trackpad
  • No assembly required
  • Immediate access to a wealth of modules and sensors
  • Includes Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB
  • 76 lessons and 20 creative projects
  • 11.6-inch IPS and 1080p resolution
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Expensive
  • Poor quality keyboard
  • Affordable
  • 7-inch IPS touch screen
  • 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Foldable leather case with built-in keyboard
  • Audio, HDMI, and USB ports
  • No mounting/housing for the Raspberry Pi
  • Contained solid ABS briefcase form factor
  • 19 sensors and modules
  • 21 lessons and projects
  • Ships with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2 GB
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Power supply required

Our Verdict

Intuitive assembly, a standard clam shell design, generously sized battery, and an HD screen combine to make the Pi-Top DIY Laptop For Raspberry Pi one of the best Raspberry Pi laptop options on the market. Discontinued production means it may be a bit difficult to secure one, but if you can, we’re convinced you’ll be happy with all it has to offer.

As an all-in-one kit, the Elecrow CrowPi2 features everything you need to learn and experiment with the Raspberry Pi all in a sturdy shell. The trove of lessons and projects, as well as an intuitive software platform, make it a strong option for anyone eager to learn in a fun and creative fashion. It’s certainly on the pricier side of things, but there are hours of fun on offer here, and the kit even ships with a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4 GB.

Those looking for a general use option that won’t break the bank should take a gander at the Jun-Electron Touch Screen with USB Keyboard Leather Holder. Simple and compact, it has a great screen and an in-built keyboard, too.

Finally, for children and younger Pi enthusiasts, we recommend the Elecrow CrowPi. The briefcase design keeps everything contained, and the spread of sensors and modules allows for a vast range of experiments and projects, all guided by well-paced and structured lessons.

With that, we’ll bring our guide to the best Raspberry Pi laptops to an end. Don’t hesitate to pop any questions or concerns in the comments section below.