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How to program Panasonic TV remote codes – step-by-step guide to programming

Can't figure out how to set up your Panasonic TV with a universal remote? We've got your back.
Last Updated on March 26, 2024
Panasonic TV remote codes guide
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Were you looking for Panasonic TV remote codes? You’ve come to the right place.

If you want to control multiple devices at the same but don’t want to deal with the hassle of managing and storing different remotes, then universal remotes are your saving grace. That said, you’ll need to connect the remote to the different devices, including your Panasonic TV, and for that, you’ll need the remote codes.

In this guide, we’ll help you learn what the Panasonic TV codes are and how you can connect a universal remote to your TV using them.

Quick Answer

Turn on your Panasonic TV > press and hold the Setup button on the remote until you see a flashing light on it > enter a code > press and hold the power button till the screen switches off.

To use the auto-program feature, press and hold the ‘code search’ button on the remote until the LED lights up > press the device button > press the power on button > press the Enter button within three seconds.

Panasonic universal remote codes

Here’s a complete list of Panasonic TV remote codes for different remote brands.

Name Code
Panasonic universal remote codes1231, 1289, 1049, 1053, 1292, 1295, 1010, 1123, 1003, 1152, 1096 
Panasonic HDTV universal remote codes1169, 1410, 1140, 1336, 1170, 1234, 1331, 1442, 1417, 1233, 1194
Panasonic DVD universal remote codes2031, 2066, 2075, 2076, 2104, 2105, 2106, 2111, 2151, 2153, 2154
Panasonic audio universal remote codes4030, 4063, 4050, 4018, 4038, 4051, 4005
RCA remote codes for Panasonic1277, 1275, 1406, 1055, 1418, 1253, 1109, 1392, 1130, 1003, 1054, 1289, 1246, 1419, 1170, 1389, 1286, 1350, 1062
GE remote codes for Panasonic0437, 0054, 0170, 0950, 0003, 0070, 0171. 0062, 0381, 0148, 0374
Philips remote codes for Panasonic0039, 0696, 0416, 0618, 0739, 0901, 0608, 0345, 0007, 0807, 0718
Magnavox remote codes for Panasonic0029, 0052, 00064

How to program a universal remote to a Panasonic TV

Here is how you can use the Panasonic universal remote codes to work with the universal remote. Just follow the steps below, and your universal remote and Panasonic TV will be up and running in no time.



Power up your Panasonic TV

Connect your Panasonic TV to a power outlet and turn it on.



Press the TV and the Setup button

The next step is to press the TV button, followed by the “Setup” button on the universal remote.

A television remote control with red arrows pointing to the power and volume buttons, designed for Panasonic TV remote codes.

Hold the setup button until you see a flashing light indicating that the remote has entered the “Learning Mode.”



Enter the Panasonic TV remote codes

From the table below, select a remote code and enter it using the number pad. If the LED blinks after each input, don’t worry; that’s normal.



Check if the entered code worked

Point the universal remote towards the Panasonic TV and press and hold down the power button till the screen switches off; then you can let it go.

Power button on universal remote for Panasonic TV

The LED on the remote should blink if the process is successful. Repeat these steps and try a different code if it doesn’t work.

How to program a Panasonic TV with universal remote code with the auto-program function

You can also use the code search function in the universal remote to get the right Panasonic TV remote codes.



Turn on your Panasonic TV

Power up your Panasonic TV, aim the universal remote at it, and keep it there till this process is completed. Do not move it or block its line of sight.



Press the Code Search button and select the device

Look for the “Code Search” button on the universal remote. Press and hold it until you see the LED light up, then release it.

Code Search button on RCA remote for Panasonic TV

On the remote, press the button of the device you want the remote to work with. Once you do, the LED should blink once and remain static after that.

Device buttons on RCA universal remote for Panasonic TV



Press the Power and Enter buttons to complete the process

To complete the process, press the power on/off button once, followed by the “Enter” button.

Power button and Enter button on RCA universal remote

You need to press the enter button within three seconds, or the remote will select the next code in the list. In that case, you’ll have to repeat this process.

Can I use a universal remote for a Panasonic TV?

Universal remotes are compatible with almost all electronics, such as projectors, ACs, and even TVs. So, you can use a universal remote for a Panasonic TV, but you’ll have to program it using the Panasonic remote codes to work with it.


Programming a universal remote to work with your Panasonic TV is straightforward, whether you’re using the code search functionality or doing it manually. However, for this process to go smoothly, you need to know the remote codes for Panasonic TVs. Once you do, it’s smooth sailing. And the best part? You can use the same remote with other devices as long as you know the remote codes.

In case you’ve tried multiple universal remotes and none of them are working with your Panasonic TV, you need to get in touch with the Panasonic customer support team and let them know about the issue.

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