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All Samsung remote codes and easy-to-follow programming guide

Pair a universal remote with your Samsung TV
Last Updated on April 1, 2024
samsung tv remote codes
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If you want to operate your Samsung TV with a universal remote, then we have you covered right here. In this guide, we have a Samsung TV universal remote codes list as well as a guide on how to set up the remote with and without codes.

Now, there are several reasons why you might want to switch to a universal remote, with the common ones being the loss of the original remote or operating multiple devices with one remote. In any case, there are two ways to program a universal remote for your Samsung TV – using the code for your specific model or using the auto search (that is, without a code). Also, a lot universal remotes work well with Samsung TVs, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to get the two devices paired.

Either way, by the end of this guide, you should be able to get your universal remote working with the Samsung TV. We have provided a guide on how to find the codes, some common codes, and the whole programming process.

Quick Answer

You can setup a universal remote with your Samsung TV in two ways – with or without codes.

Here’s how to program a universal remote for your Samsung TV – Power on your TV > select ‘TV’ as the device > start the setup mode > enter the right code > test if the remote works.

For more details, you can refer to our guide below. We have some common codes and how-to guides.

4 digit code for Samsung TV – remote codes list

For 4-digit and 5-digit codes, use the following lists based on your universal remote’s requirements and your Samsung TV model. You can try these codes on your device if you are not sure which code is right for your model. Below we’ll go into more detail on how to find the right code based on your Samsung TV.

4-digit codes4-digit codes5-digit codes5-digit codes
4-digit and 5-digit codes for Samsung TVs

How to find universal remote codes for Samsung TV

  • Older Models: Check the back of the TV for a label with the model code.
  • Newer Models: Use your TV remote to navigate to Settings > Support > About this TV. The model code will be displayed on this screen.

For this article, we will be using the GE Universal remote as an example. However, you can pair any universal remote of your choice to the Samsung TV.

How to set up a universal remote with Samsung TV

If you prefer a more hands-on approach or if the automatic method doesn’t work, you can try the Manual Code Entry method.



Find the code for your model

Before you jump into programming the remote, you need to find the code for your specific Samsung TV. You can try to find by using methods listed above or you can also try some of the common codes mentioned in the table.



Power on and select ‘TV’

Power your TV on. Then, press the TV button on your remote to start programming it for your Samsung TV. For reference, you can see the ‘TV’ button on the GE remote below.

Universal remote with an arrow pointing at the TV button



Turn the setup mode on

Next, you have to press and hold the ‘Setup’ button until you see a red light appear. You can see what the setup button should like in the picture below –

GE Universal remote with an arrow pointing at the setup button



Enter the code

GE universal remote with number keys highlightedNow, enter the code you found in step 1. If the LED flashes twice, you’ve entered the correct code. If not, try another code from the list above.



See if the remote works

Once the right code is entered and set, the red light might turn off. Now it’s time to see if the remote is working. You can try powering it on and pressing a few buttons to see how it responds.

How to set up a universal remote with Samsung TV without codes

The code search method is a more automated approach, with your TV searching and trying the codes themselves. It’s generally faster and more straightforward than manually entering codes. Here’s how to do it –



Select ‘TV’ on your remote

First of all, ensure that your Samsung TV is powered on. Then, press the TV button on your universal remote, which will initiate the programming for your Samsung TV.



Enter setup mode

Next, press and hold the Setup button until the TV’s indicator light blinks twice. Then, press the same button again to trigger the learning mode on. For some devices, you might have to press the ‘mute’ button and then press zero. 



Press the power button

Now, you have to aim the remote at the Samsung TV and then press the power button. If you have done everything correctly so far, the LED light will start blinking. This means that the remote is sending out different codes.



Test the remote

Now, if your Samsung TV turned off within 10 seconds of the remote light blinking, it might mean that the TV has found the correct code. To see if the remote works, power on the Samsung TV with your universal remote. Press some other buttons and see how they respond. If everything is working correctly, then your remote is setup.

If the TV does not turn off within 10 seconds or if the buttons are not responding correctly, you will have to repeat the steps above again until you get the code right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any universal remote for my Samsung TV?

Yes, most universal remotes are compatible with Samsung TVs. To ensure seamless operation, use the specific Samsung TV universal remote codes to program the remote. However, if you require further technical support for your appliance, it can be worth heading to the Samsung global website and getting in touch with Samsung Support, which can be contacted via live chat.

How can I find my Samsung TV code?

To find your Samsung TV code, refer to the universal remote’s manual or the remote manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, use the auto-search function on your universal remote to detect the code automatically. For specific models, check the TV’s settings menu or the label on the back of older models.


That’s it. We hope the methods above have helped you with all you need to know about Samsung universal remote codes. They’ve also helped you connect your remote and TV so you can get back to watching or playing without issue. If you’ve got a specific universal remote control you need guidance with, we’ve got you covered with our lists of RCA remote 4-digit codes and Philips universal remote codes.

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