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Best Computer Gaming Desk in 2023

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

In many ways, the purchase of a new gaming desk is bigger than getting a new PC. Your current desk has probably been with you for quite some time. They don’t tend to be things we replace regularly. They also have to fit into the environment we use our PC in – you can’t just get “any” desk. For starters, it has to fit. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb in the room. You need to know it’s big enough to hold not only the monitors you have today but the monitors you might have in a year’s time. You can pretty much guarantee you won’t ever downsize your display(s).

Ergonomics are big these days. Some people prefer standing desks, but one thing is for sure, without a decent desk and chair – like our recommendations from Secretlab – you are actually putting your long-term health in harm’s way. Hunched over a keyboard and mouse for hours at a time is a surefire way to put pressure on your spine so anything you can do to mitigate that is always a bonus.

Here we are looking at five best-selling computer gaming desks. Let’s see if one suits what you need.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

Our selection included a variety of options and sizes that will hopefully fit most uses. You should definitely think of a new desk as a long term purchase. You certainly don’t want to be switching it out in the near future, so it is important to get the choice right at this stage. If nothing else, disconnecting all your cables and peripherals is a huge pain, so let’s do that as infrequently as possible.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Stylish
  • Simple construction/deconstruction
  • Height adjustable
  • Full surface mouse pad
  • Looks “gaming”

Designed in Sweden, the Arena is an out and out gaming desk. You can tell that by the bold tribal design emblazoned across its surface. If red isn’t for you, it does come in a few other color variations, so you should be able to find one that matches your rooms color scheme.

An important factor you should consider is whether you can adjust the height of the desktop surface. What is right for you now may not be the case should you come to change chair – a scenario much more likely than changing out the desk itself. The Arena is easily adjusted by loosening a couple of screws and extending the legs to your designed height. 

Cable management is built into the underside of the surface, and three cutouts allow you to feed you cabling through regardless of which side you have your mouse on. The net underneath can then be used to gather it all together in one hidden away tangle you won’t need to worry about until it comes time to change something.

The large desktop size will comfortably fit three garage monitors side by side if you are using a monitor pole – you would probably have less joy if you wanted to keep them on their stands, but with a mounting pole, it looks great.

The nicest feature is that the whole surface of the desk is one large microfiber cloth mousepad that sits on top – the desktop underneath is actually made up of three interconnected pieces than can quickly be taken apart for transport purposes. Again, this makes it perfect for either left or right-handed gamers.

The Arena would be a stylish addition to any games room. It might not be as suited to a home office due to its looks, but it offers a great surface to game on.

  • RGB
  • Sturdy leg design
  • Accessories such as headphone hook and cup holder
  • Won’t suit all rooms
  • Needs a USB more to light up

Chances are the last time you bought a desk, RGB lighting built into them wasn’t a thing. Well, it is now baby! This 47-inch compact offering from Vanspace makes full use of dynamic RGB lighting by merely plugging the desk into an available USB port on your computer.

A large liquid-resistant mousepad is included, although it is not full surface size like the Arena above.

The leg design is a more modern Z shape, and this provides a lot of extra stability when it comes to you thrashing around during a game of Call of Duty.

The surface is wide enough to fit a couple of monitors or an ultrawide display, but if you rock a three-screen setup, then this will be a bit too compact for your needs.

Cable management is present underneath, as is a handy hook for your headphones. There’s even a cup/can holder to reduce the risk of any spillages in the heat of the moment.

This is a nice piece of furniture, especially if you are addicted to the bling of RGB. It’s small enough to fit into most spaces while still providing enough room to play comfortably.

  • Clever accessories
  • Compact
  • Er, it’s a bit ugly
  • Won’t fit nicely into a corner

If there were a beauty competition for computer desks, then this wouldn’t be getting through the front door. It’s odd shape and small appearance will perhaps rule it out of many potential purchases after a quick glance, but that would be a mistake.

It’s true it’s slightly odd kidney-shaped design will struggle to fit into the majority of people’s setups, where the desk fits snuggly in the corner of the room. It’s certainly an odd design choice, but if you live in a small apartment or only have a small space available, then the compact size of the Atlantic will win you over.

Couple with this a large number of space-saving accessories that can be added or removed as needs allows and you have a functional surface that will do its job and help you tidy away a lot of the stuff you would generally just leave lying around. 

Speaker stands, a basket built-in under the desktop, cable management, power-strip holder, and a headphone / VR headset hook all add to the functionality of this desk.

It’s not going to be for the bigger gamer, but if space is tight, and indeed money is too, this affordable little number is definitely worth bringing home with you

  • Great ergonomically
  • Fantastic solution if you can’t fit a desk in
  • USB 3.0 hub built-in
  • You still need to leave it somewhere
  • It makes you look a bit lazy!

Ah, here you go. If you were waiting for a slightly off the wall recommendation, all aboard! The Cycon from Couchmaster is a desk that’s not a desk. It’s more like a bizarre lap tray for you to slink under while you sit on your couch.

Bear with us. Not everybody wants to have a dedicated spot for a computer desk. What this clever, clever offering does is lets you hide your PC away in a corner or cupboard, connect it via USB to the Cycon, and then have your mouse and keyboard on your knee while you game on either you TV or projector. See. Clever. We told you.

It has a four-port USB 3.0 hub built-in, cable management, but perhaps most importantly, it stops you slouching while you are gaming. 

There are various side pockets to store things like you mouse in, and no, it’s not exactly a desk, but it’s a desk solution for those who can’t fit on in the home.

You never knew this existed, and now you do you are more interested than you thought you would be. That’s the sign of an ingenious product

  • Solid contruction
  • Built-in USB

Back to reality now. This nice looking desk from Yigobuy is a bit more normal. It has a large surface you can easily fit two monitors on. The desktop surface itself is covered in a carbon-fiber effect material that covers the fibreboard construction.

The legs are the popular K frame design, which provides extra stability, and it even has a USB port built-in so you can charge your cell phone as you sit there.

It’s still a compact option, so don’t expect to fit a couple of large monitors on there comfortably, but if you are short on space and need a good, reliable desk, you could do a lot worse than this.

Things to consider

How big does my desk need to be?

Desks are one of those things that it doesn’t matter how big they are you will always cover every available inch in something that probably doesn’t need to be there.

A good rule of thumb is to get our tape measure and get an exact size. You always think you have more room than you have and your brain will play tricks on you. It’s handy to know exactly how much room you have to play with.


You might not think you need a desk that is height adjustable now, but what about when you finally splash out on that lovely new chair, sink into and pull yourself up to your desk and bang both your knees on the desktop. When that happens, think back to this paragraph please.

Our Verdict

It’s the Arozzi Arena for us. It’s certainly not the cheapest option here, but what it is is probably the most considerate option. In our view, it looks great, it is height adjustable, comes apart easily for movement and that full-surface mouse pad is excellent. It is also big enough to fir those three monitors you want on there too. Of course, it will depend on how much space you actually have. If room is tight, the odd-shaped Atlantic is a good option, as long as you don’t mind it not sitting flush to the wall.