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Best computer speakers under $100 in 2023

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Once upon a time, in a land where nobody played games with expensive Bluetooth wireless headsets. A land where nobody hand a microphone permanently attached to the side of their skull, there lived a group of PC enthusiasts who listened to their game audio and YouTube videos through computer speakers connected to their machines.

These simple folk had to turn down the sounds of gunfire and explosions late at night so as not to disturb the rest of the household. This dramatically affected their performances and adrenaline levels and companies saw the opportunity to start charging gamers $300 for a pair of headphones.

But what if you say no to that. What if you want a big booming room-size bass. What if you’re going to position speakers around your room like a cave dweller from the 90s. Well, PC Guide has got your covered because we are going to deep dive and find the best $100 can get you for your new expansive audio setup.


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  • Bose quality
  • No discernable feedback hum
  • Headphone jack
  • Only just comes in under budget
  • Bland design

We said under $100 didn’t we? Well, these brilliant speakers from Bose come in at $99, so you can even donate your change to the charity of your choice.

They are billed as multimedia speakers which seems like an unnecessary use of the word multimedia to us, but PR power words aside these are a great addition to your setup. For a start any speaker made by Bose, you already know is going to come up to a certain standard and these certainly do not disappoint.

A rich bass mixed in equally with a clear mid-range that can be pushed to some serious volumes before even a hint of distortion, you will find this set equally at home watching Netflix or playing games or music.

They have a minimalist, possibly even dull design for some but the addition of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the front is welcome and means you don’t have to annoy everybody all of the time.

Things to consider

Do you want surround sound or basic stereo?

If you are exclusively gaming they the extra channels are going to make a difference to your experience. They will also take up more space, and you need to consider wiring around the whole room.

Gaming or other purposes?

Music production, even in a home setup as a hobby requires a different kind of speaker to the standard PC gaming affair. Your games might not sound as great on studio monitors but neither will your music sound as good on your usual set. Unfortunately, there’s not really one size fits all. Consider gaming with headphones.

Our Verdict

Best computer speakers under $100 in 2023

When I set our researching this topic, I was surprised to find so many good options under $100 once you start looking around. In truth, you can’t really go wrong with anything recommended here, although please do bear in mind that the Mackies are studio monitors so serve a different purpose

The GoGroove BassPULSE is the most out-there looking and certainly not for everybody, but they are aa good 5.1 set.

For my winner though I’m actually going to pick the Creative GigaWorks T20s. I prefer the style, the controls on the front and the audio. Maybe there is a bit of nostalgia in there for the brand tucked away somewhere ut I do love them After that the Edifiers and the Bose are very close but also more expensive.

That extra costs just pushes me to the Creatives even more – a great choice.