Best Defrag Software

When you need your discs defragged, you need a quick, easy, thorough, smart, and ideally free defrag software tool. We have all the tools you need.

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Defraggler came out at the top of our list for including some sweet extras like a portable version, and the ability to defrag specific files and folders, but all those that made our list had plenty to recommend them. UltraDefrag, for instance, is a great entry-level defragger if you don’t want to deal with anything too complicated.

Best Defrag Software

Product Flag, Rating & Short Summary


Easily scheduled defragging, the ability to defrag specific files and folders, and the chance to exclude specific data from the defrag are all among the reasons why Defraggler tops our list.

Smart Defrag

A portable version, tons of post-defrag options and the ability to run a defrag while booting earned Smart Defrag a place on our list.

Disk SpeedUp

The ability to push less used files to the slower parts of a disc made Disk SpeedUp stand out from the crowd.

ToolWiz Smart Defrag

An extremely easy to use interface and options put ToolWiz Smart Defrag in our top five.


UltraDefrag came through for its fuss-free approach to defragging.

There’s an easy way to choose the best defrag software available. At least, there is if you’re a bunch of techies with more computers than there is apple pie on the 4th of July. We downloaded, ran some defrag tests and eliminated all those that couldn’t cut the mustard. And wow, did we cut a lot of mustard. The five we chose all came through the competition with their defragging reputations intact.

Our Recommended

Best Defrag Software

Editor's Choice

Enormous versatility lets you defrag idly or on boot up

You can target specific files and folders to defrag

You can move archive files to slower parts of the disc


Worryingly, the program hasn’t been updated since 2018

Defraggler, from Piriform, impressed a lot of us. It actually drew crowds at the desks where it was tested. You can defrag, free up space, and even target specific files and folders for a defragging, so as to speed up the whole process.  

What’s more, Defraggler can act as a full-on disc cleaner, emptying your recycle bin, running boot time defrags, idle defrags, you name it. You can move your lesser-used files to slower parts of the disc, check for errors, the whole deal. Also available in a portable version for flash drives, Defraggler will defrag you all day long, any way you need, on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and if there’s anyone out there still using it, even Vista.

Enthusiast Pick

Easy to schedule defrags

You can exclude folders from the defrag


Some features are only available if you pay

Need to schedule automatic defrags? No hassle with Smart Defrag.

You can also exclude particular files and folders from your defrag, to speed up the process.

A neat extra feature also clears cache files on Windows, to speed up the defrag, on everything from Windows XP and Vista up to Windows 10.

Mid range Pick

Extremely customizable defrag options make for a highly useable defrag tool

Disable defrags on chosen files and folders

Scheduled defrags are easily arranged


· Has an annoying tendency to try to download another program when used

Disk SpeedUp gets its place in our list from its customizable options – disable defrags for certain file sizes, or numbers of fragmentations, depending on your customization.

Move archive files to slower parts of the disc, schedule defrags, and exclude files and folders on command with Disk SpeedUp.


This defrag software is simple to use and plainly laid out

Archives lesser-used files to slower parts of the disc


Not currently available for Windows 10

There’s a beauty to the simplicity of ToolWiz Smart Defrag.

Faster than the Windows default defragger, it can put archived files on slower sections of the disc.

The opposite of Disk SpeedUp, there’s no customization here – just clean, minimalist, easy to understand defragging. If you just want to defrag and get on with your day, ToolWiz Smart Defrag is the way to go. It’s important to note though that the program works on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, Windows 10 being conspicuous by its absence.


There is an extremely simple interface for all standard defragging features

You can augment this with optimization if you make changes to a BAT file


Oddly, given the simplicity of most defrag functions here, turning on scheduled defrags is more difficult than it should be

If you saw your first computer yesterday, you could still use UltraDefrag. Pleasingly though, if you’re an experienced programmer, you can still get a good defrag experience out of UltraDefrag, through a series of advanced options.

While all the generally useful functions are easily accessed, more advanced users can actually change the program to their own liking through a BAT file. That means UltraDefrag offers the best of both worlds – efficient simplicity for newcomers and advanced optimization for the more experienced. You can use UltraDefrag on everything from Windows XP and Vista to Windows 10.

Things To Consider

 Before you click the download button, you want to know your defrag software is going to do the job well, regularly, and without leaving you baffled.

 Thoroughness of defrag

In short, how much tidier do your discs look once you’ve run the defrag software?

 Speed of defrag

 We’ve all been there, waiting on defrag software that takes forever to defrag your discs. Let’s cut that out, this is the 21st century.

 Ease of use

 Do you have to be Bill Gates to use these defrag softwares? If so, who has the time? Let’s make defragging simple where we can, right?


 Ideally, we don’t want to have to pay for defrag software. But if there are costs involved, are they worth it for what you get in addition to the free version?

Our Verdict

Editor's Choice

Defrag software comes and goes – which is why there’s a great deal of it about. Each of our five top defrag softwares is special in some way, and should give you tireless, trouble-free defragging on your Windows PC or laptop.

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