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Best Gaming Glasses Of 2023

Last Updated on April 20, 2023
Best Gaming Glasses
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Having the right pair of gaming glasses is essential for those who spend a lot of time gaming. Anybody who’s stared at a screen for hours on end knows that the lights emitted by computers hurt your eyes. If you feel fatigued after a long gaming session—or even after a day’s work at the office—you probably heard about gaming glasses as the perfect solution. The glasses listed in this article all prevent the glare of computers, TVs, and phones from shining too much continuous light into your eyes, and we consider them to be the best gaming glasses available today.

The “Blue Light” of a computer screen can cause headaches, eye strain, and general performance decrease in the eyes. The flickering blue light causes your eye muscles to contract in and out in an unnatural fashion. If you’ve ever noticed that gaming late into the night makes it hard to fall asleep, that’s because the blue light from your screen is tricking your eyes into thinking it is daytime. Some monitors are built to filter out blue light, but it’s impossible to fully omit this light from a screen.

Thankfully, good gaming glasses exist. These amber-tinted lenses contrast against blue light to block it out from your spectrum of vision. The contrast of amber tint and blue light reduces headaches, fatigue, watery eyes, and even insomnia. For less than fifty dollars, you can get a great pair of gaming glasses and you’ll quickly find your eye problems are solved. They look inconspicuous, like sunglasses, and they’re one of those rare products that instantly solve the problem they’re meant to address.

Check out our favorite models, each with its own set of unique features. Choose which ones are best for you and start enjoying your games without the eye strain.

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Gunnar’s glasses come doctor recommended for blocking high-energy blue light and UV glare. These glasses are so good, you can use them for sun glasses. The Intercept has great frame design, insuring the glasses are tough and won’t slip off your face. Engineered polymers stabilize curved temples that fit comfortably around your head, and don’t stretch out with repeated use. User reviews say this pair of glasses is especially good for wide face shapes as the wide fit frame with a 59-millimeter lens width, 18-millimeter bridge width and 132-millimeter temple length. Reviewers describe the frames as having a soft, rubbery feeling so they won’t strain on your face and they will keep their proper position.

What separates the Gunnar glasses from others is the lens design, engineered to limit air currents near the eyes. This stops eye-watering and allows users maximum comfort. The amber lens eliminates distortion, impurities, haze and graininess found in gaming glasses with lower quality lenses. The lens reflects light back as natural light, allowing users to quickly forget they’re even wearing gaming glasses.

One thing some reviewers love while other reviewers hate is the slight magnification these glasses provide. The frames give a visual boost to the screen by magnifying the picture. If you have contracts or glasses, this might negatively impact your experience with them. However, if you don’t, this could help you by showing more detail on the screen and giving you a competitve advantage. This is definitely something to consider about the default Gunnars.

However, if you hate the magnification, Gunnars also have a wide array of customization options. You can get specialty Gunnars with prescription lenses if you want to use your glasses prescription so you can see even better. You can also choose a variety of frame colors like Onyx, Fire, Ghost, Ink, Kryptonite, Cobalt and Smoke. With all the customization options, there is certainly a pair of Gunnars for everyone. They also have a one year warrantee, so if anything goes wrong with your Gunnars you can swap them out for a replacement pair. These are some of the best gaming glasses on the market.


Trust Optics makes a great pair of gaming glasses that won’t break the bank. They promise to alleviate eyestrain, headaches, discomfort and insomnia with their patented BluGuard amber lenses. Studies show they reduce blue light over 40% and help with preventative measures against cataracts and macular degeneration. Trust Optics is committed to helping Americans increase productivity while relieving eye-strain. According to their research, over 95% of Americans suffer from digital eyestrain because of work and leisure activities in front of computer screens. If you get a pair of Trust Optic glasses, you’ll be making the first steps toward fixing this persistent problem.

The frame is incredibly lightweight, at only 5.6 ounces, so after a few minutes of use, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them. They look stylish and have a classic, square frame with spring hinged aluminum temples. They function just like a pair of turtle shell glasses. The Trust Optics also come with a carrying case and a cleaning cloth. These are small bonuses, but for such a low price it’s pretty great that you’ll get the extra gear for purchasing them. There’s also a 2 year warranty on the glasses if they stop functioning properly—plus a 90 day return policy so you have ample time to figure out if these are the right glasses for you.

Probably the best part about the Trust Optics are the price. For less than $20 you’re getting a high-quality pair of gaming glasses. If you are curious to see if gaming glasses will work for you in the first place, try these out as a trial pair. You’ll quickly find you won’t want to work on the computer without them.


The J+S Vision Blue Light Shields are great for gamers who use headsets for voice chat while playing. Reviewers consistently commend the glasses for their sleak, unisex frame. Anyone can wear these glasses and find they look good with your setup.

The J+S Vision filter out 90% of high energy blue light and still emit the low energy blue light that’s essential for seeing a full picture on your screen. This is sometimes a worry with gamers, that the gaming glasses will distort the graphics of their games, thus inhibiting immersion. This isn’t the case with the J+S Vision glasses because they were specifically designed to keep the picture in tact. The J+S Vision team has optimized their glasses to make sure the tint isn’t too thick, thus giving the clearest picture possible.

J+S glasses are really great for their low tint, because it maximized the graphics. Then again, you are getting more blue light because of the tint, so if you need a utility pair of glasses for regular computer work, look elsewhere (#5 on our list is a great choice).

The glasses are also backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try them out and see if they work good for you. If not, send them back at the expense of the company. Likewise, they have a one year warranty so you can get a new pair of they break.


These GAMEKING glasses probably have the most stylish frame, with a cool addition on the temples of the glasses. They have strong-tinted amber lenses that block almost 100% of UV blue light, while simultaneously emboldening the contrast between other colors. By filtering out short-wavelength blue light, they allow you to work longer, game longer, and always stay effecient.

GAMEKING has an anti-reflective coating that eliminates glare and halos that plague other gaming glasses. They allow shaper vision and no distractions when gaming making them a great choice for high frame-rate games like shooters and real-time strategy games. They also are coated in a stain-repellent layer so they’re oil resistant, fog resistant, and easy-to-clean. They’re even scratch and abrasion resistant so you can rest easy knowing you won’t get a damaging scuff on them that will make gaming a much less immersive experience.

The lenses are also FDA approved, which is not the case for other lenses on the list. This doesn’t mean the others lack quality, however; rather, these lenses have an extra seal of approval from the Federal Drug Administration. They’re ergonomically designed so the nose support doesn’t pressure against your face in an uncomfortable way. They even come with a hard-case, cleaning cloth, protective pouch and a mini screwdriver for minor adjustments. They also clock in as the cheapest pair on our list so they’re a great starter-pair of gaming glasses. Just don’t be surprised if you like them so much you never choose to upgrade!


The Gamma Ray Computer Readers are great for gamers using more than one screen at the same time. Reviewers say that the hardshell frame makes it easy to bounce back and forth between the screen or look at both simultaneously. These glasses have more reviews on Amazon over any other on our list, however, there are some minor concerns for gamers specifically.

First, the lenses minimize digital eye strain caused by blue light, just like the rest of the glasses on our list. They eliminate fatigue, watering and discomfort for using computers. They’re lightweight, yet durable and they have their own frame carrying case and a cleaning cloth.

However, we include them on the list more as a warning to gamers rather than an endorsement. These lenses have thick tint, so they might not be perfect for gaming. If you’re just getting the glasses to surf the web, you might not notice—but if you want to look at high rendering games and expect the same sharpness and precision as you’d get without wearing gaming glasses, these aren’t the pair for you. That’s why they rank last on our list. They are a good product with a low price, good review and a free carrying case—however, they’re not the best choice for gamers overall

Our Verdict

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Best Gaming Glasses

Best Gaming Glasses Of 2023

If you’re experiencing eye strain while you game, there’s an immediate solution that won’t cost a lot of money and fixes your problem literally the second you start using them. You guessed it: we’re talking about the best gaming glasses.

The pairs listed here are all great options, but they have different features to consider. The Gunnar Optics are expensive, but they have a lot of customization options and even allow you to get the lenses in your RX prescription frames. Trust Optics makes a gaming specific pair of gaming glasses for a low price. They’re a great brand with a great product. J+S Vision makes a low-tint version of gaming glasses to crank up the definition when you’re gaming. GAMEKING makes a really good pair of glasses for a low price that’s also specific for gamers. GAMMA RAY makes a pair of gaming glasses that are great for daily computer use, but less appropriate for hardcore gamers.

Overall, you can’t go wrong, but if we had to pick the top spot it’s Gunnar Optics. That’s why we gave them the number one.

One last thing: if you’re a gamer, you really should consider your health. You don’t want to wake up one day half-blind, with carpel tunnel wrists, unable to enjoy your hobby. It seems like gaming is a low impact thing to do—you’re just sitting in a chair after all. But any gamer knows, after a long session, you can feel really fatigued. It’s important to take care of yourself. Get a pair of the best gaming glasses so you can protect your eyes and ensure you have a long, prosperous gaming life. Otherwise, you’re going to be playing by sound alone—and that’s not very fun.