Anybody who’s stared at a screen for hours on end knows that the lights emitted by computers hurt your eyes. If you feel fatigued after a long gaming session—or even after a day’s work at the office—you probably heard about gaming glasses as the perfect solution. The glasses listed in this article all prevent the glare of computers, TVs and phones from shining too much continuous light into your eyes, and we consider them to be the best gaming glasses available today.

The “Blue Light” of a computer screen can cause headaches, eye strain, and general performance decrease in the eyes. The flickering blue light causes your eye muscles to contract in and out in an unnatural fashion. If you’ve ever noticed that gaming late into the night makes it hard to fall asleep, that’s because the blue light from your screen is tricking your eyes into thinking it is daytime. Some monitors are built to filter out blue light, but it’s impossible to fully omit this light from a screen.

Thankfully, good gaming glasses exist. These amber tinted lens contrast against blue light to block it out from your spectrum of vision. The contrast of amber tint and blue light reduces headaches, fatigue, watery eyes and even insomnia. For less than fifty dollars, you can get a great pair of gaming glasses and you’ll quickly find your eye problems are solved. They look inconspicuous, like sun glasses, and they’re one of those rare products that instantly solves the problem they’re meant to address.

Check out our favorite models, each with its own set of unique features. Choose which ones are best for you and start enjoying your games without the eye strain.


If you’re experiencing eye strain while you game, there’s an immediate solution that won’t cost a lot of money and fixes your problem literally the second you start using them. You guessed it: we’re talking about the best gaming glasses.

The pairs listed here are all great options, but they have different features to consider. The Gunnar Optics are expensive, but they have a lot of customization options and even allow you to get the lenses in your RX prescription frames. Trust Optics makes a gaming specific pair of gaming glasses for a low price. They’re a great brand with a great product. J+S Vision makes a low-tint version of gaming glasses to crank up the definition when you’re gaming. GAMEKING makes a really good pair of glasses for a low price that’s also specific for gamers. GAMMA RAY makes a pair of gaming glasses that are great for daily computer use, but less appropriate for hardcore gamers.

Overall, you can’t go wrong, but if we had to pick the top spot it’s Gunnar Optics. That’s why we gave them the number one.

One last thing: if you’re a gamer, you really should consider your health. You don’t want to wake up one day half-blind, with carpel tunnel wrists, unable to enjoy your hobby. It seems like gaming is a low impact thing to do—you’re just sitting in a chair after all. But any gamer knows, after a long session, you can feel really fatigued. It’s important to take care of yourself. Get a pair of the best gaming glasses so you can protect your eyes and ensure you have a long, prosperous gaming life. Otherwise, you’re going to be playing by sound alone—and that’s not very fun.

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