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Our roundup of the best wireless keyboard and mouse options available

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Wireless keyboards and mice are a useful modern convenience, they help us to avoid clutter on workspaces, bypass the issue of cable management for inputs, and offer more flexibility for different working environments than traditional wired input devices. They’re also great if you want to use desk space for more than just keyboard and mouse, where you can easily put them away to free up space for other uses, and bring them back when you need them again, without needing to connect and disconnect them from your PC ports.

If you’re looking for a  new wireless keyboard and mouse for your PC, here’s our roundup of the best keyboard and mouse combinations available today.

We’ve taken into account various different factors, such as value, build quality, typing experience, and battery life. We’ve also considered how visually appealing the design is, and how versatile the input methods on offer are, where some mice and keyboards have extra buttons for expanded functionality.

We’ve looked into how each of the keyboards in this lineup perform and compared their various technical specifications, to help determine which is most suitable for you, depending on your needs.

Our Recommended

Best wireless keyboard and mouse combo


Ergonomic design

Solid battery life

7 button mouse


Keyboard takes up a lot of space

Ostentatious design

Perhaps some redundant buttons

Logitech describes this unique design as a “Constant Curve” layout, where it’s intended to reduce stress and offer a more natural typing experience. The integrated palm rest is ideal for long typing sessions, to reduce pressure on your wrists.

The shortcut keys on the top and side of this keyboard offer a convenient way of controlling media playback and launching different applications via reprogrammable shortcut functions.

As for the mouse, it’s a seven-button precision laser mouse (that’s counting the scroll wheel as three buttons), with conveniently placed back and forward buttons. It’s not billed as a gaming mouse, but it’s got enough buttons to handle gaming if that’s a use you have in mind.

As for battery life, the keyboard is rated for “up to 3 years”, and the mouse is rated for “up to 2 years”, so you’re going to get plenty of use out of these before needing to worry about replacing the batteries.


Great value

Compact keyboard

Angled typing position


Modest battery life

Plain visuals

Average battery life

This keyboard and mouse combo doesn’t have a huge amount of personality, it’s just a solid rectangle covered in the bare minimum of keys you would expect from a keyboard, and then a fairly nondescript mouse. But there’s nothing really wrong with that, ultimately it’s just a tool for controlling and entering text into your computer, and it’s perfectly capable of doing that.

It’s a reasonably compact keyboard, so a smart choice if your desk space is at a premium, but despite it’s smaller physical footprint, it still offers a full-sized typing experience, with a full row of F keys across the top, and a full-sized dedicated Numpad over to the right. It’s an angled keyboard, meaning it tilts slightly to offer a more comfortable typing experience.

The mouse is a typical basic 5 button mouse, with a clickable scroll wheel, and two primary mouse buttons. It’s a simple mouse, but it has a reasonably sleek and attractive design.

Both the keyboard and mouse are rated for “up to one year” of battery life.


Good battery life

Great value

Quiet keys


Plain design

Basic functionality

Unremarkable aesthetic design

The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 is a wireless keyboard and mouse package, that is another reasonably bland but still functional keyboard and mouse combo, that is available at a reasonable price.

The keyboard is designed for quiet operation, great for typing without disturbing anyone around you with loud tapping noises. It offers a comfortable angled typing experience, tilted to suit the natural position of your hands.

The mouse is a simple 5 button mouse, with a clickable scroll wheel and the standard right and left mouse buttons. It has aesthetically pleasing curves but is still a fairly discrete design.

There’s nothing special about this keyboard and mouse combination, it’s just a standard keyboard and mouse that will perform exactly as you expect, which is probably all a lot of people are looking for.

Both the mouse and keyboard are rated for “up to 2 years” battery life”.


Things To Consider

The full-size keyboard and 7 button mouse in the Logitech set make it a great choice for power users, who are going to be doing a large amount of typing, and who will make use of a mouse with lots of buttons on it, but it’s bulky size make it less suitable for anyone more concerned with finding a keyboard and mouse that don’t take up a whole load of desk space.

Will these work with my computer or laptop?

All of these keyboards and mice are great for using on any modern Windows computer or laptop.

How are these powered?

The Logitech set uses 2x AA batteries in the keyboard and 2xAA batteries in the mouse.

The Dell set also uses 2x AA batteries in the keyboard and 2xAA batteries in the mouse.

The Microsoft set uses 2x AA batteries in the keyboard and 2xAAA batteries in the mouse.

What wireless connectivity standards do these devices use?

All of these mice and keyboards use 2.4 GHz radio wireless connectivity and each ship with a USB adaptor.

Our Verdict

We’ve gone with the Dell KM636 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo as our top pick. It’s the cheapest option in this lineup, but you’re really not having to compromise on much. The battery life could be better, but it’s still more than adequate. It has a slim physical footprint, but still offers a full-sized keyboard, and the mouse is plain but perfectly functional.

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