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Best HDMI Splitters in 2023

Here are our top picks for HDMI splitter cables

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

We recently covered the best HDMI Switches here on PC Guide, and there is always some confusion as to what the difference is between Splitters and Switches. In fact, they actually do completely opposite things. A Splitter, like those we have here, take one HDMI input and splits it to multiple displays – for example, you could take the signal from your GPU and send it to a 4K TV as well as your monitor.

An HDMI switch takes multiple inputs and outputs them to the same display. Are you confused yet? In truth, most people won’t have a real need to send one signal to multiple devices, but when you do need to do it, it is a round-up like this that will save you the trauma of hunting around yourself. We have picked three of the best on the market to put through their paces. 

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best HDMI splitters

As you would expect, there are many cheap low-quality HDMI splitters out right now. There’s no need to worry, though. In our guide, we bring you top-notch products that are reliable and work well.

In order to select the best HDMI splitter, we considered several factors. These include the specification of the splitter, what standards it supports, ease of use, and price. Using this as our baseline, we have come up with perfect recommendations for you in this jumble of tech tools.

As ever we have tried to cover all budgets – not everybody has an endless supply of cash to spend on peripherals, so read our recommendations carefully before you decide which is the right HDMI Splitter for you.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Multiple input and output options
  • Sturdy case design
  • Strong cooling function
  • Slightly more expensive than other options

Zettaguard is a brand known for its HDMI switches, but its range of HDMI splitters is equally impressive. You can explore various splitters from this brand, including the 1 x 2 splitter and the 1 x 4 splitter, in addition to its popular HDMI switches.

The HDMI splitter from Zettaguard can handle a maximum resolution of 4K at 30Hz and is compatible with Dolby Audio. It accepts video signals from laptops, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players, making it a versatile device for media enthusiasts.

The splitter has an efficient cooling system with multiple vents on its side and back, which ensures maximum cooling and prevents overheating. This feature prolongs the lifespan of the device and enhances its durability. If you’re in the market for a reliable HDMI splitter, Zettaguard’s range of splitters is worth checking out.

  • Handles 4k
  • Well built
  • More expensive than other options

Orei also fared well in our round-up of HDMI Switchers, and here they are again taking the splitter market by storm. This unit will easily duplicate a single signal to up to four 4k displays (it comes in both two and four output models)

They even do a model that will dispense with HDMI and output over ethernet too, which is sometimes used in commercial settings.

Again it’s steel construction and slim form factor means it should survive wherever you choose to tuck it away. Orei is definitely a good brand that you’d never heard of before!

  • Good quality
  • Affordable
  • The red version is a strange design choice

Now, this is a splitter that won’t sit discreetly in the corner. The bright racing red box is very specific and we can’t think of a single-use case where this would fit in with any existing AV equipment. It’s a slightly bizarre choice. Thankfully it is also available in a black box, which is surely the choice to go for?

Internally though it comfortably passed our 4K signal with no additional artifacts appearing, and the fact you can get it in either 3, 4, or 8 port varieties means you can certainly buy the version you need without overextending yourself needlessly.

It’s also HDMI 2.0a and fully compliant with HDCP, so you won’t find yourself running into any issues passing a signal through it.

  • Portable design
  • Affordable
  • 4K resolution support
  • Can only support 2 displays

The Avedio Links HDMI splitter comes in a small, descrete design that is easy to transport. Due to its smaller size this splitter is only able to transmit a signal to two other displays which some may find a little lackluster.

Like the other splitters the Avedio links HDMI splitter can support a resolution of up to 4K with no lag or data loss, ensuring smooth crisp visual quality. It is also fully HDCP (an anti piracy protocol) compatible so there shouldn’t be any issues using it.

The sleek lightweight design is perfect for those who need a portable splitter that doesnt take up too much real estate. It is a great option for a budget splitter that can get the job done.

Things To Consider

You may want to consider the following  things before purchasing an HDMI splitter as it may alter your desicion.

Copy protection and HDCP

The HDCP is an anti-piracy protection built into HD TVs and cables and is designed to prevent you from stealing the final episode of Homeland or Game of Thrones. Naughty. It’s actually a licensing method where each piece of HDCP-compliant equipment asks (metaphorically) to see the license of where it is sending a signal. If the receiver complies, it can display the image. If not you get an error message.

Where it goes wrong is HDCP is rubbish, much like the majority of DRM it causes headaches for the legitimate end-user. All you need to worry about here though is that the equipment you buy states it is HDCP compliant to minimize the risk of running into problems further down the line. While you are here, you might want to check out our roundup of the best HDMI cables too.

What makes a good HDMI splitter?

A good HDMI splitter should be able to split a signal from one source and transmit it to multiple displays.

If you are looking for a high-quality splitter you should look out for advanced features such as support for 3D video and 4K resolution.

Are some HDMI splitters better than others?

Yes, some HDMI splitters outperform others depending on how you plan to use them. Active HDMI splitters are best suited for sending signals at a long distance. Whereas a passive HDMI splitter is better suited for short distances.

Some HDMI splitters also feature advanced features such as 4K video support, 1080p HDTVs and Ethernet connectivity.

What are the negatives of a HDMI splitter?

One of the biggest issues with using HDMI splitters is that you weaken the signal when it is split. This weaker signal can lead to decreased visual and audio quality. Also, a signal cannot be split more than two times.


Our Verdict

The Newpower Matrix is both a switch and a splitter combined, and once you get your head around the power that brings in a variety of setups, it becomes the obvious choice. The ability to put multiple inputs and route them to different outputs is geek heaven. It’s reasonably priced, well built and all you will ever need for a good while to come.