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Can I Switch Off My Router At Night?

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 1, 2023
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Many of us keep our routers running continuously, day and night, without considering the potential impact on our sleep. Surprisingly, routers emit electromagnetic fields throughout the day, which, while not harmful, can lead to sleep disturbances. So, what can be done to address this issue? Is turning off our routers at night a viable solution? Read on to learn more about the relationship between routers and sleep quality, and discover if you can switch off your router at night.

Should I Turn Off My Router At Night?

Yes, you can turn off your router at night if necessary. However, it is optional to keep it switched on all night. Most people turn off their routers at night before bed for various reasons. It may include saving electricity costs, unauthorized usage, or avoiding any incident, which may be true.

However, most experts suggest that turning off a router at night before going to bed is not an efficient step. They say it may only save you a dollar or two of electricity. Moreover, there isn’t yet any concrete scientific study that states the adverse effect of electromagnetic fields or other energies that could cause any adverse health effects from the router. However, you may become a victim of any unauthorized router connection use. But that, again, would depend upon the security condition of your router.

Therefore, you may turn off the router, but it isn’t compulsory or recommended, and neither would it give you any considerable benefits.


Is It OK To Leave a Router On All The Time?

Yes, it is OK to keep the router constantly switched on to increase its life span. Frequently switching it on and off can cause electrical issues or damage to the router, resulting in a cost-incurring replacement.


The decision to turn off your router ultimately depends on your personal preference. As we’ve discussed earlier, there isn’t a substantial advantage to powering it down at night, so it may be best to let it operate continuously. Nonetheless, it is crucial to maintain up-to-date security measures to protect against external threats and cybercrime.

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