How To Find Router IP

Different methods to finding your router's IP address

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Finding the right IP address can be a little confusing when setting up a home network. Every device connected to the internet on said network will have its own IP address, this is how devices communicate with each other. Think of it as a postal address for devices to send packages of information too.

How To Find Router IP

Click Details To Find Router IP Address

Click ‘Details’ in the Status window to open the Network Connection Details window. Your Router IP Address is next to the ‘IPv4 Default Gateway’

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If you decide to venture outside of the realms of the stock modem router provided by your internet service provider, knowing your router IP address is going to be key for setting up a new network. For example, you may need to manually input the router IP address on certain devices such as managed gigabit switches.

Via Command Prompt

One way you can find your router’s IP is through command prompt. Here’s how.

Open Command Console / PowerShell

Start by right-clicking the start menu and clicking on ‘PowerShell’. If you’d prefer to use the command prompt, search ‘CMD’ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter’ on the keyboard.

Create a Command

Next, simply type ’ipconfig’ into the command line and hit enter. The IP address showing next to ‘Default Gateway’ will be your router IP address.

Via Control Panel

Open Control Panel

Search for ‘Control Panel’ in the Windows search bar, then left click on the Control Panel App

View Network Status

Under the ‘Network and Internet’ heading, click ‘View Network Status and Tasks’

Click The Hyperlink Next To Connection

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