Orbi blue light – causes, meaning, and how to fix it

Here are some methods that can help turn off the blue light on Orbi.

A Orbi on a blue background.

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If you’re facing the Orbi blue light issue on your router or satellite, we’ve got you covered.

The blue light on Orbi usually means that the router and satellites are synced and working fine. However, this light is not meant to stay on for long and should disappear after a while. If there’s a solid blue light on the Netgear Orbi router or satellite, it means the two are not syncing.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the possible causes of the blue light on Orbi. In addition, we will go through several methods that can help make the light disappear quickly so you can get back online.

Why does the Orbi blue light stay on?

If the blue light on Orbi stays on, it could be due to sync issues or a random bug or glitch. Here are some possible reasons behind the issue.

  • The router and satellites are not syncing.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Random bug or glitch.
  • Faulty cables.
  • Incorrect placement of the router and satellites.
  • Damaged device.

How to fix the Orbi blue light issue

Here are some methods that can help you make the blue Orbi light go away.



Power cycle your devices

The best way to fix the sync issue if it is being caused due to a random bug or glitch is power cycling. This is similar to a normal restart, but it requires you to keep your devices turned off for a certain period. To fix the Orbi blue light issue, we recommend power cycling all of the devices, including the modem, router, and satellites.

  • Turn off the devices.
  • Remove their power cables from the power outlet.
  • Leave them as it is for around two minutes.
  • Now, plug everything back in. 
  • Wait for another two minutes. 
  • Turn on the devices.



Re-sync the router and satellites

In some cases, the router and the satellites might require you to sync them again, even if they were working fine a minute ago. 

  • Turn on the satellites. Make sure their cables are properly plugged in.
  • Now, press the sync button on your router and the satellite at the same time. This button can be found on the back of the devices.

Once done, the devices will sync, and the blue light will most likely disappear after three to four minutes.



Make sure the router and satellites are placed correctly

Many people who get Orbi don’t realize that they need to place the router and satellites correctly. If they are placed too far from each other, they will fail to sync, and you’ll face the Orbi blue light issue. So, make sure to keep a distance of around 65 to 75 feet between the router and the satellite. Also, don’t keep them too close as you won’t be able to get the best connectivity this way. 



Update Orbi’s firmware

Orbi needs the latest update to function properly. Outdated software often causes different issues, and it can prevent the router and satellites from syncing properly. So, to fix the blue light on Orbi, download and install the latest firmware update.

  • Access your Orbi account and go to Settings.
  • Make your way into the Router Settings and click on the Check for Updates option.
  • Click on Upgrade All and wait for the update process to finish.

Don’t turn off the router or satellite during the update process, as this can corrupt the files and make the problem even worse.



Make sure the cables are plugged in correctly

If you recently removed the power cable of the router or satellite for some reason and the blue light appeared after that, make sure that it is inserted properly. If both ends of the cable are not properly plugged in, or if the cable is damaged, you will face the Orbi blue light issue. To fix this, clean the ports and reinsert the cables. Also, try using a new cable just to make sure there isn’t any fault in the existing one. 



Examine the satellites for any signs of damage

In some situations, there’s a solid blue light on the Orbi satellite instead of the main router. For this, you need to examine the satellite and make sure it isn’t damaged. If a power cycle or other methods are not working, there could be something wrong with its hardware. In such a case where the Orbi satellite blue light is not disappearing, you need to send it to Netgear and seek help from professionals. They will either repair it or send you a new satellite as a replacement.



Reset the Orbi router

As a last resort, you need to factory reset your Orbi router and take it back to its default settings. 

  • Take a small pin.
  • Find a small hole on the back of the router.
  • Take the small pin inside this hole and press the button.
  • When the Orbi LED starts blinking amber, let go of the button.

After the reset process is over, you will need to sync the satellites again with the router.

Resetting the Orbi router will remove your custom settings from the device, so you will need to set it up again.



Get assistance from Netgear

If none of the methods worked, it means there’s a hardware-related problem in your devices. If this is the case, you must get in touch with Netgear support for further assistance. 

Is the Orbi blue light supposed to stay on?

No, the blue light is only there to confirm that the devices are synced. This light should disappear after a while. But if it doesn’t, it means there’s a problem with your devices.

How do I sync my Orbi Satellite?

To sync the Orbi satellite with your router, you need to hold the sync button on both devices. You can start by pressing the sync button on the satellite and then the router after around two minutes.


If the Orbi blue light stays on, don’t panic. Instead, try some simple fixes first, like restarting or power cycling your devices. If that doesn’t work, correct the placement of the devices, update their firmware, and check their cables. But if nothing works, seek help from Netgear, as the problem might be hardware-related. In case you want to switch to a different mesh router, we suggest checking out our top picks for the best mesh routers.