Is FiOS Quantum Gateway a Good Router

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The Fios Quantum Gateway might be a great option if you’re searching for a router that offers speed, reliability, and a great range. This router has various features, making it a great home and office choice. 

We are listing some of them below. 

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The Fios Quantum boasts high-speed internet connectivity, making browsing, streaming, and gaming a breeze. With a dual-band Wi-Fi system, this router can deliver speeds of up to 800 Mbps on its 2.4 GHz frequency and up to 1733 Mbps on its 5 GHz frequency. It means you can easily download large files, stream 4K videos, and play online games without lag.


When it comes to reliability, the Fios Quantum has got your back. This router uses the latest Wi-Fi standards, including 802.11ac, to ensure your devices stay connected to the internet without interruption. Besides, the router features multiple antennas that help to reduce interference and increase signal strength, even in large homes or offices.


The Fios Quantum has an impressive range thanks to its multiple antennas and beamforming technology. It can deliver speeds of up to 800 Mbps up to a range of 325 feet. With this router, you can expect a strong Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your home or office. This is great for large homes or offices where many devices must be connected to the internet.

Ease of Use

Setting up and using the Fios Quantum is a breeze. The router’s user-friendly interface makes setting up and managing your Wi-Fi network easy. Furthermore, the router is compatible with the Fios app, which allows you to control your network from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.


The Fios Quantum also has various security features that help keep your network safe from cyber threats. These features include WPA2 encryption, a firewall, and parental controls, which allow you to restrict access to certain websites and content.


The Fios Quantum router is a great option for anyone searching for a fast, reliable, easy-to-use router. With its high-speed internet connectivity, impressive range, and security features, this router is perfect for home and office use.