Is it worth getting smart lights?

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As lighting systems become increasingly advanced, you might be wondering whether it’s worth getting smart lights.

If you have the time to do a bit of research into the right product for your home, smart lights are definitely worth it. They are relatively cheap and easy to set up, look fun, and are simple to use once you get the hang of them.

It’s also worth getting smart lights considering the ways you can program them to boost your routine. Why not have your lights turn on automatically to wake you up in the morning? Or dim as it comes towards bedtime?

Most smart lights use smart bulbs, which utilise LED tech and are thus more energy-efficient. This will save you both money and environmental guilt. You can also usually control smart lights with apps or link them to voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, for complete ease of use. In short, smart lights are a great introduction into smart home tech – with an accessible price range.

Are smart lights worth it?

Smart lights start at a very affordable price, with these LIFX A19 650 lumens Smart LED bulbs currently going for just $10.99 at Best Buy. This means you can make a big difference to your home and energy bill for just a few bucks. Treat yourself!

At the top end of the smart lights available on the market, Philips Hue boasts an incredible range of color gradient lighting which syncs up with both the content on your TV screen and the music you’re playing on Spotify to deliver a truly immersive experience. The Hue collection is also a great option if you love entertaining, with over 16 million colors enabling you to create a multitude of perfect atmospheres.

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If you’re looking to dip your toe into smart home technology, it’s definitely worth getting some smart lights. They’ll elevate your living space, improve your routine and generally bring some fun into your life! With a low starting price point, smart lights are great value for money, and there are endlessly customisable options for every home.