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How do smart fridges work?

Using the magical powers of the internet

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on April 21, 2023
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If you’re new to the world of smart home tech, you might be wondering: how do smart fridges work?

They’re the top of the pyramid when it comes to smart kitchen appliances. But if you’re thinking of investing in one or have recently purchased a smart fridge, you might be wondering how they actually work. Have no fear – here at PC Guide we know all about home electronics, and smart fridges are no exception.

Smart fridges, on a basic level, operate in the same way as a normal fridge. That is, they use electricity from a mains power source to perform a cooling function, keeping the food inside it nice and fresh.

However, what sets a smart fridge apart is its capability to connect to the internet. Smart fridges do this via a WiFi network. Once online, they can connect to your phone, tablet, laptop and other smart appliances. You can then control the fridge remotely – so if you need to change the settings or make ice, you can do so without even being in the house.

But a smart fridge works in ways beyond this. Read on for more information about how smart fridges work.

How does a smart fridge work?

Smart fridges use internet for their most interesting ‘smart’ functions. For example, with the LG 23.5 Cu. Ft. French Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Smart Refrigerator with Craft Ice and InstaView, you can link to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, making organisation of your household even easier. Plus, internet meets AI and scanning technology in the ThinQ app, which lets you see what’s in your fridge, and suggest according recipes or shopping lists.

Some smart fridges can also use the internet to receive signals from utility companies. This means that at peak times of power usage, they will adjust to use less energy. The more energy intensive functions are saved for off-peak times. This is another example of a clever function which will save you energy costs.

So, smart fridges don’t just use internet to work, but also increment other forms of tech to bring you the latest cutting-edge features and functions.

Are smart fridges connected to the internet?

Yes, some smart fridges do connect to the internet via WiFi just like any other wireless device you have in your home.

Do smart fridges use Bluetooth?

In some cases, smart fridges do use Bluetooth. This is normally the case if your fridge has modern features such as speakers or the ability to take mobile phone calls from the appliance.

PC Guide Expert Opinion

Smart fridges work by connecting to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. This means they have a range of ‘smart’ features and can connect to other devices which use an internet connection. This includes other smart home tech, mobile phones, voice assistants and laptops.

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