How to Set Up the Amazon Echo Dot?

It's simple, but there are a few steps to follow

Set up Amazon Echo Dot

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The Amazon Echo Dot are smart speakers that offer a pretty good value for money. They are one of the easiest ways to get Alexa into your home. It might be small but has good audio for a single room. 

But when you bring in your new Amazon Echo Dot, you must set it up first. But the entire process doesn’t take much time, and we have listed all the steps here. 

Setting up your Amazon Echo Dot



Downloading the app

The first step is to download the Alexa app and then open it on your smartphone or tablet device.



Selecting your device

After opening your app, you must select the device that needs to step up from the lower right corner of the interface.



Pressing the menu

The next step is to press that plug sign at the top right corner. You can press that hamburger menu or three horizontal lines at your screen’s top left corner.



Adding the device

Now add your new Echo Dot by tapping Add Device.



Pressing the icon

The next step is to press the Amazon Echo icon, and the Echo Dot icon will appear on your next screen. Then, you need to press the Echo Dot based on your speaker generation.



Plugging in your Echo Dot

Now, the next step is to plug in your Echo Dot with the help of your power adapter. Your device goes into Setup Mode once that light ring turns blue and then turns orange.



Let your speaker appear on your device

Wait for your Echo Dot to appear on your phone list where you can select it. You will be asked to go to your wifi settings as soon as you do that. From here, you must choose Amazon-XXX and return to your Alexa app.



Choosing the network

You will have to choose the wifi network you want to link your Echo Dot to, and then you must enter your password if needed.



Selecting the external speaker

The next step is to use an external speaker to which you will connect your Echo Dot. But you can skip this step if you don’t want to connect your Echo Dot to an external speaker.



Choosing the room

The final step is choosing the room where your Echo Dot is located. You also have the option to create a new space.


Your new Echo Dot is ready to work, and you can start using all its features immediately. Of course, if there is any problem, you can begin with the first step again. But in most cases, you will get through it pretty smoothly. 

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