How To Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk

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How To opt Out Amazon Sidewalk

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Learning how to opt out and how to turn off Amazon Sidewalk will keep your network bandwidth to your own devices. The whole idea of sharing a portion of your network with complete strangers isn’t the best idea the technology behemoth has had, although it’s a great idea on paper.

In an age where smart homes are on the rise, people are questioning their online security and trust more than ever, which is a good thing. So having your doorbell providing a WiFi signal to complete strangers has alarm bells ringing for Sidewalk compatible device owners worldwide.

How To Opt Out Amazon Sidewalk

Justin Brookman, director of technology policy for Consumer Reports gives his take on Sidewalk, which is pretty much what everyone else is thinking:

“Amazon is helping themselves to your network without asking permission, co-opting the bandwidth that you pay for. Amazon apparently doesn’t think that enough people would turn this on on their own, so they’ve made the decision for people in order to scale the system and get it working effectively.”

Amazon Sidewalk – How Does It Work?

Sidewalk uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology for devices within 200ft, and a low-frequency 900MHz network for anything up to half a mile away. The data sent and received from Amazon devices are then channeled through your home network. Sidewalk enabled devices siphon around 500MB worth of data a month from your existing home network.

Amazon Sidewalk Compatible Devices

Here are all the current Amazon devices that are compatible with Sidewalk:

Ring Floodlight Cam 2019
Ring Spotlight Cam Wired 2019
Ring Spotlight Cam Mount 2019
Echo Third generation and newer
Echo Dot Third generation and newer
Echo Dot for Kids Third generation and newer
Echo Dot with Clock Third generation and newer
Echo Plus All generations
Echo Show All models and generations
Echo Spot All generations
Echo Input All generations
Echo Flex All generations

How To Opt Out Amazon Sidewalk

How To opt Out Amazon Sidewalk

Sidewalk is shockingly turned on by default. Fear not, we’ll show you how to turn it off quickly:

How To Opt Out Amazon Sidewalk Via Alexa App

On your handset, open up the Alexa app and tap more. Then go to Settings > Account Settings > Amazon Sidewalk > Toggle The Disabled Switch.

How To Opt Out Amazon Sidewalk Via Ring App

How To Opt Out Amazon Sidewalk

Open up the Ring App and tap the three dots on the top left. Then go to Control Center > Sidewalk > Sidewalk Button > Confirm.


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