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Google Pixel 9 release date speculation, specs leaks, and price estimate

Almost time to move on to the Pixel 9, and there's lots to learn
Last Updated on April 29, 2024
Google Pixel 9 release date, specs, and price
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While there is still some time to go until Google’s latest smartphone hits the market, we’re here nice and early to discuss the Google Pixel 9 release date – and everything else we know about so far. At this early stage, we’ll have to leave many details to speculation, but there’s a lot to be said regarding established patterns, leaks, and rumors.

We expect to see the new Pixel have a similar release schedule as the Android 15 operating system, which will undoubtedly be one of the upgrades included in this phone. In fact, the Android 15 beta has already started and is limited to certain Pixel devices. It won’t be arriving until later in the year, but we can tell you what to expect regarding the specs and price as well. This year’s Google I/O will be taking place on May 14th, so we should soon learn more during the annual event.

Google Pixel 9 release date prediction

The Pixel 8 generation is just about wrapping up as we expect the Google Pixel 8a release date around the corner during the I/O event. That means that it’s soon time to move on to the Pixel 9. To get an understanding of what it will release, we can look back to previous generations as a guideline (when they first became available to buy):

  • Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro: October 12, 2023
  • Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro: October 13, 2022
  • Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro: October 28, 2021

Google has followed a predictable pattern for their Pixel phone releases as of late, and we expect the latest generation to follow the same release schedule. Past generations were officially unveiled just a week before they went on sale, the past two becoming available in mid-October, though the Pixel 6 was a little later.

Regardless, the Pixel 9 is expected to be unveiled at Google’s Fall Event – named ‘Made by Google’ for the past two years. Once we know the dates for this event, we can make a more pinpoint prediction. For now, we’ll stick to a mid-October release window, either October 10th or October 17th based on the usual Thursday unveiling.

Google Pixel 9 specs & features rumors

SpecificationDetails (rumored)
ModelPixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL
ProcessorTensor G4
Operating SystemAndroid 15
Refresh rate120Hz
Screen size6″ to 6.5″
Storage128GB, 256GB (Pixel 9) / 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB (Pixel 9 Pro / Pro XL)
CameraTelephoto lens (Pixel 9 Pro & Pro XL), AI-powered processing, up to triple-camera setup
ColorsBlack, Blue (so far)

The first thing you’ll notice is the addition of a new model to the line-up, the XL, which has seemingly been leaked via renders which we’ll discuss below and boasts 16GB of RAM according to Ars Technica. Not too much is known about the specs and features of the Pixel 9, but there are a few things to expect from a generational upgrade like this.

One of the first things would be an upgrade to the Tensor G4 processor from the current G3, though Android Police has noted that it won’t be a massive upgrade, with it “all but confirmed” to be using a Samsung chip rather than a custom chip developed by TSMC, the latter slated for 2025. Sticking with Samsung manufacturing, a new modem is rumored, which should be faster, generally more efficient, and even could connect to a satellite with Android 15.

As far as software goes, this report from late last year notes that Google is working on an AI assistant that could make it into the Pixel 9, powered by Gemini (formerly known as Bard). The new assistant is said to be called Pixie.

Google Pixel 9 design leaked

As mentioned above, a few early renders of the Google Pixel 9 line-up has provided us with an early look. Renders of the regular Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro comes as a joint effort from 91mobiles and well-known leaker OnLeaks. It comes with a design change as the Pixel 9 Pro will match the current iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro with a 6.1″ display. Furthermore, renders of the Pixel 9 Pro XL yet again involved OnLeaks, this time with MySmartPrice.

Google Pixel 9 price estimation

We likely won’t know the official price of the Pixel 9 range until Google reveal it later this year. However, rumors that even the more budget-friendly Pixel 8a is getting a price hike of $50 (up to $550) could reflect on a wider change. Current predictions place the standard (non-pro) Pixel 9 somewhere between $650 and $700.

There’s more to think about now with three different models leaked. Naturally, there is going to be a jump in price up to the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL, which are slated for around $800 and $1,000 respectively.

When will Google announce the Pixel 9?

It’s pretty early days for the Pixel 9, but we expect Google to announce it later on in the year during their annual Fall event, usually known as ‘Made by Google’. On the flip side, you may even want to consider some speculation that it could even be launched as early as the upcoming I/O event, at least according to this post on X. We find this highly unlikely in any case.

How many Google Pixel 9 models are there?

Leaked renders of the Pixel 9 have revealed that there are due to be three different models coming later this year. This is one more than we’ve been used to as of late. The Google Pixel 9, Google Pixel 9 Pro, and Google Pixel 9 Pro XL are all expected (in similar fashion to the current Apple iPhone line-up).

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