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How To fix ‘Message Blocking Is Active’

You're not alone if you've got this error
Last Updated on January 18, 2024
Message Blocking Is Active
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Sometimes, errors can come at the worst of times. It’s not uncommon to try and send a text only to receive the message back that your message was unable to send – but most of the time, these issues are related to a lack of service. However, if you have received an error message saying that your message blocking is active when you have not activated such a feature, then trying to find the best way around it can be tricky.

The most common victims of this error are T-Mobile users, so let’s try and solve this issue so you can get back to sending those important texts.

What Causes The Message Blocking Error?

If you have experienced this error, then you are not alone. Many customers of T-Mobile have also reported similar experiences, but what has caused the error?

One such cause is a service outage. These aren’t uncommon for any kind of mobile service provider and it could just be that when you tried to send your text, your service provider was experiencing a service outage. This break is only temporary, so the service should be up and running again very soon.

Another reason could be that you are trying to send someone a text who you have blocked, or the receiver has blocked you. For the text to go through, both individuals must not have the other on their block list so they can communicate easily.

In a similar vein, it could be that the receiver of the text has blocked any premium SMS messages from reaching their phone. Again, this needs to be deactivated for your text to go through.

And finally, the reason behind this message blocking error could be a short code issue. This issue is a very serious technical issue that has caused your short codes to set themselves to blow.

This can only be fixed by T-Mobile technicians and is not something you can do yourself, but it’s also comforting to note that this issue is also very rare.

How To Fix Message Blocking Error

So, now we know the causes behind this message error, let’s look at how you can fix it!



Check The Service Status


Check The Service Status

The first thing you should do if you ever find yourself unable to send your texts is to check online to see if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue.

A quick internet search will let you know if your mobile service provider is experiencing issues – there are live websites that track outages, plus the provider themselves may make a statement on their social media to address the issue.

Check to see if the issue is widespread before trying to fix anything on your phone.



Check Your Block List

Check Your Block List

If the other person you are texting has blocked you, then there is nothing you can do until you meet face to face. Let them be aware of the issue and hopefully they can fix that on their end.

However, you might as well check your own block list to make sure you have not blocked them accidentally. Go to the contact’s information page and see if the option is there to unblock. If so, press it and try again.



Allow Premium SMS Access

Allow Premium SMS Access

This is something your contact will need to do on their phone but here are the steps in case they are stuck.
Head into their settings and scroll down to the Application option.

From there, click on the Apps option and then head to the three dots in the top right-hand corner. This will give you another set of options.

Press Special Access and then Premium SMS Access.

Then, click on the Messages application (or whatever application is refusing to send your text) and then select the Ask option.

If your texts still don’t send, then try this process again but select Always Allow instead of Ask.



Head To T-Mobile Support

If you still cannot send texts even after all this, then it’s time to contact the T-Mobile Support Team. They will be able to get into the nitty-gritty technical bits of your phone and solve the issue from there. 

It is worth popping them an issue online first to see their response but you can always take your mobile into your nearest T-Mobile store and speak to someone face to face. 

From there, they can take over and sort out the issue.


And there you have it. All the possible solutions to solving the Message Blocking Is Active error from T-Mobile. We hope this has helped!

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