Does the OnePlus Open support a stylus? Yes, it does

Can you use a stylus on OnePlus's folding phone?

Does the OnePlus Open support a stylus? Yes it does. Image shows the OnePlus Open and a blue stylus pen, on a pastel gradient background.

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OnePlus’s take on a foldable phone has captured the attention of the smartphone market, but does the OnePlus Open support a stylus? Clearly, the OnePlus Open goes head-to-head against the best foldables on the market, but can it keep up with the features that make other folding phones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5, so spectacular? When it comes to stylus support and compatibility, the answer is a confusing sort of.

Given its full 7.8-inch display size when folded out, the OnePlus Open‘s tablet-like design naturally lends to the assumption that you’ll be able to use a stylus with it. But with nothing from OnePlus concerning the topic, it’s a bit unclear whether or not the Open is capable of being compatible with a stylus. So, in this article, we’re taking a brief look at if the OnePlus supports a stylus,

Can I use a stylus with the OnePlus Open?

Despite initial doubts, recent findings have revealed that yes, you can use a stylus with the OnePlus Open. Originally, the media briefing made by OnePlus denied the device having any stylus report, and there’s absolutely no mention of it in the user manual, leaving users wondering if the device would fall short.

However, recent discoveries on Reddit by Rashid341 have established that the OnePlus Open does in fact work with a stylus: the OPPO Pen for Find N2 and Find N3 should be compatible with the OnePlus Open. Not only does the pen work on the inner display, but the compatibility carries over onto the device’s outer display – this is something notable missing from the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Moreover, an official comment from OnePlus via Android Central confirms that although the OnePlus Open doesn’t support the company’s own OnePlus Stylo pen, “OnePlus Open can connect with OPPO Pen”.

So, yes, you can use a stylus with the OnePlus Open, but so far your choices are limited to the OPPO Pen until the company decides to launch a home-grown solution to a stylus for the Open.

Are there any alternative stylus options for the OnePlus Open?

While it might now seem possible to use a stylus with the OnePlus Open, the current problem is finding a stylus that’s actually compatible. Currently, there are limited alternative options for stylus compatibility with the OnePlus Open. Several USI stylus pens have been tested, but none have proven to be compatible so far. The company’s own stylus, the OnePlus Stylo designed for the OnePlus Pad, isn’t even compatible with the Open.

So far, the only stylus that seems to be usable on the OnePlus Open is the OPPO Pen Stylus for Find N2 and N3. Unfortunately, international buyers come up against another roadblock: the OPPO pen is not sold globally. Primarily available in China, the OPPO Pen is listed on platforms such as eBay and Giztop, but users outside of China may experience longer shipping times and additional costs.

Does OnePlus plan to release its own stylus for the OnePlus Open?

OnePlus has not announced any plans to release a stylus specifically for the OnePlus Open. However, the company has expressed openness to following these endeavors. In its comment for Android Central, OnePlus stated that “OnePlus will consider having more accessories in the future”, so hold out hope for the possibility that we might eventually see a OnePlus stylus for the Open. The phone was only released in late October 2023, so there’s still plenty of time for additional accessories before OnePlus considers a new foldable device.

What are the benefits of stylus support for the OnePlus Open?

The inclusion of stylus support significantly enhances the user experience of the OnePlus Open. Unlike some competing foldable devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Open supports stylus input on both the main display and the outer screen. By allowing stylus input on both screens, the OnePlus Open offers users increased flexibility and productivity.

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OPPO Pen or S-Pen?

Since the OPPO Pen isn’t really available globally, it’s hard to compare the two: clearly, the S-Pen is easier to get a hold of if you live in the US. This means it might also be the cheaper choice, as you don’t need to pay the additional tax or shipping associated with buying an international item. Unfortunately, the S-Pen is not compatible with the OnePlus Open.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the OnePlus Open does seem to have stylus support, but so far this support is limited to the OPPO Pen for the Find N3 and N2. While this isn’t an ideal solution for users outside of China where the OPPO Pen isn’t readily available, we’re still holding out hope so far that at some point in the future, we’ll see OnePlus address the lack of official stylus support for the OnePlus open. Clearly, there’s lots left to be said in terms of the OnePlus Open and stylus usage, and this story certainly isn’t over.

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