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Best Workflow Management in 2023

We look at the best workflow management in 2022
Last Updated on August 26, 2022
Monday.com Best Workflow Management In 2022
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Project management can be a chore, so why not use software to assign, track and report on tasks? The best workflow management solutions provide visualisation, collaboration and reporting tools, too.

We look at four of the best workflow management tools in 2022.

Products at a Glance

Features and considerations

The best workflow management systems are deceptively simple. They’re easy to engage with and use but provide advanced and time-saving features that you can grow into. This means it’s worth seeing what else they can do even if you initially just want a simple Kanban board.

You’ll want means of visualising your tasks and schedules, and a simple way of changing the status of a task. The best solutions show your schedules as a timeline, a Gantt chart and more, so you can see task and project status at a glance.

The best solutions respond to an event automatically so that something happens to save your time. The event might be someone marking a task as complete so that the solution notifies you and others.

You’ll want to collaborate with your colleagues in some way, so see what collaboration and communication features a solution has. This could be something as simple as adding multiple people to a task or a full-on chat window or more.

The best workflow management tools will integrate with popular applications and cloud services to streamline processes and save time. Check the list of supported services for the workflow management system in which you’re interested.

How we picked the best workflow management in 2022

The best workflow management solution for you depends on your needs and budget, so check out more than one. You should take a free trial of the one in which you’re interested to see if it meets your needs.

We chose the four best workflow management solutions using a combination of features, which should hit a sweet spot for most users.

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  • Integrates with loads of services and software
  • Can automate tasks using your own rules or pre-made rules
  • Can create custom dashboards to view data at a glance

Monday Work Management is a cloud-based service that lets you manage your workflows, visualise schedules in different ways and more. You can view entire your schedule as a table, Gantt chart, timeline, Kanban board to name a few.

You can create dashboards that provide visual representation of your workflow data as various charts such as pie and bar. This lets you see the progress of a project and task status at a glance, which increases your efficiency.

You can automate tasks using pre-made rules or you can create your own rules so that time is saved. Monday can send you emails in response to an event, for example, which frees you to concentrate on other work.

You can add Apps that connect services, perform a function or enhance views of your data. This lets you augment your Monday experience to save time and increase your productivity and efficiency. You can connect to Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Creative Cloud and more.

This is the best workflow management in 2022 if you want a great, user-friendly all-rounder.

  • Can add “Power-Ups” to link other services to perform tasks
  • Simple, card-based workflow management
  • Some project views such as Calendar and Timeline require more expensive subscriptions

Trello uses cards to let you create tasks, add colleagues, add checklists, manage workflows and more. You can create multiple cards to suit your workflow process and move them or mark them complete as appropriate. You can even automate card movement to save time.

Trello uses a no-code automation tool called butler to perform tasks for you in response to an event. Butler can move cards, for example, or onboard new colleagues, set tasks checklists and more. You can also add custom buttons that perform multiple actions with one click.

Trello integrates with email, Jira and Slack so it can automate tasks such as creating JIRA tickets and sending emails. This helps to speed up processes and saves you time.

You can also integrate other services and software such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Clockify and Confluence Cloud. These connectors/extensions are called Power-Ups, and there are many of them, so there should be one to make your work life easier.

This is the best workflow management in 2022 if you want to integrate lots of different software and services.

  • Link third-party software such as SalesForce, Slack and Zoom
  • Add validation stages to approve, revise or reject documents
  • Need to pay for more advanced views

Asana is a cloud-based service that lets you manage workflows, automate tasks and link third-party software and services.

You can create rules to automate tasks such as work assignment, which frees you to work on other things. You can have due dates re-scheduled automatically, and more. Automation helps to reduce errors, and you can set error alerts to let you know of any issues.

You can approve steps such as a document appraisal or choose to reject the document or ask for revision. This lets you quickly provide feedback to staff so that they can take further action.

Asana works with services and software such as Outlook, SalesForce, Slack and Zoom to create tasks, automate workflows and more. This saves you time and increases your efficiency.

This is the best Workflow Management in 2022 if you want to automate processes.

  • Can proof and comment on documents within ProofHub
  • Can see visual representation of objectives and schedules
  • Monthly price is higher than some other solutions

ProofHub is a cloud-based solution that provides many tools to let you manage your projects. You can set project goals, plan projects using Gantt charts, manage workflows and more.

You can view tasks as a table or a Kanban board, so you can tailor it to your management preference. Either way you can view tasks and images of the people assigned to them. Project managers can assign custom roles to users and restrict their access to information.

You can communicate with colleagues using chat boxes to discuss work elements, either individually or as a group. This helps you keep communication focussed on a specific topic for more succinct and efficient ticket resolution.

ProofHub provides reports and visualisations so that you can see and assess the current state of your project. This helps you keep projects on track and relate a project’s status to other stakeholders. You can also proof documents within ProofHub for quick appraisal and feedback from stakeholders.

This is the best workflow management in 2022 if you document approval and discussion is integral to your project.

Our Verdict

Editor's Choice
Monday.com Best Workflow Management In 2022

Best Workflow Management in 2023

All the workflow management tools here will help you manage your projects effectively, so try them to see which suits you best. However, we’ve given Monday.com Editor’s Choice because it’s a great all-rounder with many features including automation, cloud-service connectors and more.