RTX Remix – Everything you need to know

Interested in bringing back the classic game feeling? The RTX remix may be for you.


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Imagine taking a classic game, one that’s close to your heart, and giving it a modern-day makeover with just a few clicks. That’s the magic Nvidia’s RTX Remix brings to the table. This tool is like a time machine, blending the nostalgia of old-school gaming with today’s cutting-edge graphics. It’s not just about enhancing visuals, it’s about re-experiencing those gaming moments in a whole new light. Let’s delve into the RTX Remix.

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RTX Remix – what is it?

RTX Remix is a modding tool developed by Nvidia, designed to revolutionize the way classic games are remastered. It enables modders to enhance older titles with advanced features such as full ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex, and modern physically-based rendering assets. Essentially, RTX Remix acts as a bridge, allowing the integration of contemporary graphical technologies into games initially built on older, less advanced engines like DirectX 8 or 9. This tool also incorporates generative AI texture tools, utilizing Tensor Cores in GeForce RTX GPUs to upgrade low-resolution textures from classic games.

The tool is built on NVIDIA Omniverse and provides a comprehensive platform for modders to revitalize classic games creatively, bringing them up to par with modern graphical standards. Think of it like taking an old black-and-white photo and colorizing it with stunning detail and clarity. From the way light bounces off surfaces to the textures of the in-game world, everything gets a hyper-realistic upgrade.

RTX Remix – what does it do?

RTX Remix goes beyond just enhancing the visuals of classic games. Instead, it fundamentally transforms the way we interact with and modify them. This tool comprises two primary components: a runtime for capturing and injecting game assets, and a creator app for asset modification.

The Runtime Component

The runtime aspect of RTX Remix is where the initial magic happens. It allows you to capture a game’s assets and then experiment with them in real time. Imagine playing your favorite classic game and being able to tweak lighting models or add shader effects on the fly. Sounds pretty good to us.

The Creator App

The creator app is where your creativity as a modder truly shines. It’s your workshop for asset remodeling. Where you can revamp game elements to modern standards. The app operates within the OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description) framework, meaning the assets you upgrade or create can be fine-tuned in other tools like Blender. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for detailed customization and refinement.

Moreover, Nvidia has strategically partnered with ModDB, a prominent modding community platform, to streamline the distribution of RTX Remix mods. This collaboration ensures a dedicated section in ModDB specifically for RTX Remix projects, where modders can upload up to 50GB of their creations. Additionally, ModDB will maintain a comprehensive list of games compatible with RTX Remix, helping modders and gamers alike identify ideal candidates for remastering.

Is NVIDIA RTX Remix free?

NVIDIA RTX Remix is free. Nvidia has made this powerful modding tool available at no cost, allowing gamers and modders to access its advanced features and capabilities without a financial barrier. This is truly an excellent opportunity for experienced and entry-level modders to get their hands dirty.

Is RTX Remix available yet?

RTX Remix is already available. Nvidia has released the beta version of this tool, which you can download directly from Nvidia’s website. This beta release gives users early access to explore and utilize its features for enhancing classic games.

Final thoughts

The RTX Remix is free, and available, and offers fans and users the opportunity to bring back their classic games with a modern edge. Remix enables modders to enhance older titles with advanced features such as full ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex, and modern physically-based rendering assets. We look forward to seeing how fans react and which games will get the full RTX Remix treatment.