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What Is Disney Day Plus?

You may have heard of Disney Day Plus if you are a subscriber, what is it and will it happen again? Read our guide below to learn more.
Last Updated on April 27, 2023
What is Disney Day Plus
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Disney Plus is a new streaming service that has been released by its synonymous mother corporation Disney.

They show the classic Disney films we are all used to along with exclusive releases of films already in the cinema, and lots of non-Disney related content they have managed to grab from the grasps of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other competitors.

Disney is doing pretty good as a competitor to Netflix, part of this can be their attention to customers through things such as Disney Plus Day which you may have already noticed as a subscriber.

Read our guide to learn more about this special event.

What Happens On Disney Day Plus?

Disney Day Plus was an inaugural day celebration held on November 12 2022 to mark the two year anniversary of the streaming service. This has only occurred once, last year, but people hope that this will become a regular event.

This event operates in a few different ways, offering special deals to certain subscribers while also using the day to release certain titles that are receiving a lot of hype.

What Are The Benefits Of Disney Plus Day?

In 2021, the highly anticipated release of ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings’ was released on the streaming platform on this day as well as the ability to watch this film, as well as other new releases on the day such as ‘Jungle Cruise ‘, on Disney’s new IMAX feature.

At different intervals throughout the day there were the relevant anticipated releases on each of their ‘shows’ such as Marvel Studios, Pixar, etc.

Within the social media of Disney Plus, they offered a few interesting snapshots into their future releases and plans for the subscription service.

The streaming services accounts of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook were churning out the releases and promotional content.

In 2021, if you were a Disney Plus subscriber and who had tickets to one of Disney’s resorts could enter the resorts 30 minutes before the park opened to the general public.

This is a really special opportunity for those whose tickets fell on the right day.

There were also some specific deals on buying Disney related gifts that day, for Disney Plus subscribers at least.

This could be worth waiting for the day to land in order to buy some of the more expensive gifts.

Anything For New Or Returning Customers?

One thing that got many fans of Disney happy, especially those who struggle to afford the competitive subscription price, is that they made the streaming subscription a little less that day.

For a small period of time, the subscription fee was only $2 for a month which was originally $8 a month at the time. This could have been really special for a family that month, especially in the lead up to christmas.

Will Disney Day Plus Happen Again?

We’re sure it will, this event seems to have drawn lots of customers back to Disney thanks to reduced prices on that day.

It’s also a great way for the company to promote their streaming service as well as other arms of their business.

This is the kind of hole that isn’t filled by a Netflix or Hulu shaped hole, and it makes them stand out, so they will continue it – but fans think it will happen on a different day.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Disney Day PLus is a sort of day of deal whereby Disney offers deals, new releases, discounted prices and offers some special limited edition deals to their current subscribers and those who aren’t subscribed.

It happened for the first time in 2021, but will likely happen again in 2022.

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