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Best Android Tablet Under $200 in 2023

Nab one of the absolute best Android tablets under $200 so you're not overspending on some unnecessary gadgetry
Last Updated on April 25, 2023
best android tablet under 200

The best Android tablets under $200 are devices that can offer you a bundle of comfort, power, and reliability without leaving you empty-handed. Whether this is a gift for your parents, a second in-house tablet, or a mere note-taking device, you won’t have to worry about buying those weird un-branded iterations here. Below, you’ll find the best Android tablets under $200 in 2023.

Spoiler, Lenovo takes the big spot.

Products at a Glance

How we picked up the best Android tablet under $200

To make this selection we first compared design, weight, and portability to determine how easy the tablet would be to carry. Afterward, we move on to check the sound system and resolution, so we can rank which one will have the best video streaming performance. Lastly, we check the processing power and battery life. This last bit is where the brand typically tries to cut costs, so we leave that for last. Everybody has to make sacrifices.

Features and Consideration

These are not tablets for high-end gaming or demanding multitasking work. We understand the need for a device that is great yet still at a relatively good price point. However, you won’t want to just get anything at a low price. Even if these tablets don’t go over the $200 mark, you need to ensure it has a good set of qualities that fit your comfort levels.

That is how we selected the best Android tablets under $200, reviewing the following aspects in stride:

  • Screen size
  • Performance
  • Storage
  • Battery life


Our Recommended

Best Android Tablet Under $200 in 2023

  • Premium Design
  • High flash storage
  • Easy and secure Kid’s Mode
  • Battery life

Lenovo has made the budget market its specialty, in addition to making one of the best 8-inch tablets on the market. The Lenovo M10 HD PLUS (2nd Gen) is a fast and reliable tablet that will gift its users the best bang for their buck. The premium looks alongside its metal chassis and thin bezels shows a commitment on the part of the company to give its customers the best device at the lowest possible price. 

For Lenovo, not everything is about looks, and that’s why they offer the best storage in the budget range. The M10 HD Plus offers 64GB of storage with an extra MicroSD card slot to increase your capabilities. Beyond that, this Lenovo has a 10.3″ FHD display with TDDI technology to leverage a 1920 x 1200 resolution. If you sum up the power and reliability of an octa-core MediaTek chip, you won’t have anything to complain about this tablet, making it one of – if not the – best Android tablets under $200.

  • Awesome battery performance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reliable processor
  • Resolution could be better

If you’re in the market for a tablet that can endure a rugged lifestyle and extended life span, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8” (2019) is the best option. Regardless of the year this tablet was released, it delivers the best battery performance over most of its competitors, lasting for up to 13 hours of use without charging. If you use this tablet for around five hours a day, you’ll only need to charge it two times a week.

The battery life is that good, mainly due to the fact that this device has made some much-needed compromises. The 8-inch screen and its 1280 x 800 resolution won’t consume as much power as other Android tablets on the market. However, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 running at 1.4 GHz along with 2GB RAM. If you travel a lot and need something especially durable, this device won’t disappoint.

  • Best price
  • Full HD screen resolution
  • It’s a heavy device
  • Slow processor

Dragon Touch might not be a well-known brand, but it still is a good one to go with when looking for the best Android tablets under $200. The firm has been making tablets for quite some time and its devices give end users relatively good experiences at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for an android tablet on a budget, don’t overlook this model. 

The Dragon Tuch Max 10 Plus has a 10″ full HD screen with 1920 x 1200, which stands out from other tablets that only offer 1280 x 800. You’ll easily get 1080p, Full HD YouTube videos, and additional streaming performances out of this tablet.

This device was built with an Octa-Core processor running at 1.6 GHz, 32GB of flash storage, and 3GB of RAM. Thus, you won’t be playing high-end video games on the Max 10 Plus, but if you want to take some notes, watch YouTube videos, or have it as a mere family tablet, this device will suit those needs easily.

  • Low price
  • Metal chassis
  • Dual band Wi-Fi
  • Only 16 GB of storage
  • Mediocre performance
  • Battery life

Samsung is one of the few brands that take gambles to produce small and extremely portable devices. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is an 8.7-inch TFT display tablet built to become the main multimedia center and family entertainment gadget.

The device is easy to carry around, much more so than its S8 Ultra counterpart, which remains one of the best tablets for college students. The battery is 5.100mAh with a charger of 7.8W that completes a 100% charge in around 3 hours. The A7 Lite isn’t exactly the best and most impressive Android tablet we’ve seen so far, but nice for the price. 

It has the same processor as the Lenovo M10 (MediaTek Helio P22T Tab, octa-core ‎2.3 GHz), but it comes with a lower storage capacity and a much poorer screen resolution, so it won’t give you a 1080p Full HD output, something that feels a bit counterproductive to how they marketed the device. 

The A7 Lite also has a Samsung Kids mode, which comes in really handy for the device, because most of the best Android tablets under $200 will mainly become gifts for children to watch YouTube or play lighter video games on. In conclusion, If you want something lightweight to carry in your backpack and take to college or to give as a gift, the A7 Lite will be a great option for most end users.

  • Affordable
  • Great entertainment options
  • 1080p HD 10-inch display
  • Great 12 hour battery
  • You really need Amazon Prime
  • App store is lacking

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet is a great, affordable option for under $200. It’s fantastic for entertainment – mainly streaming. However,it’s not ideal for gaming, although that is to be expected with a tablet in this price range. The streaming is speedy and clean.

This is a good tablet for Microsoft app users – Office, Outlook and Teams all work super well on it. It comes with a lovely, bright display and 50% more RAM than the previous generation. However for more intensive work tasks like video editing, you might want to look elsewhere.

And that’s the absolute best Android tablets under $200, with Lenovo proving to outpace its rivals with a sleek design at an affordable rate. It may not be any iPad mini, but for Android users, you get the most out of its suite of awesome apps and user-friendly modulation. Don’t overspend on a tablet, when you can save a few bucks on a more rugged, lightweight, and affordable Android device under the $200 price range.

What is the lifespan of an Android tablet?

Android tablets typically have a life span of several years, although this could be reduced depending on how they are kept. The lifespan of your device will be reduced if you drop your tablet, break the touch screen, or get it water damaged. In terms of battery health, Android tablet batteries typically last three to five years.

When it comes to the Apple iPad, the main limit to its lifespan is the operating system. Once your iPad becomes out of date and you can no longer perform iOS updates, it becomes practically useless if you are hoping to use it to download and use the latest apps.

When this does happen, however, you can still use the iPad to perform basic tasks like searching the internet, taking photos, and making notes.

How long do Android tablets get updates?

According to Samsung, all their tablets are subject to a four-year operating system updates guarantee.

Finding an android tablet that offers over five years of operating system updates is going to be a bit difficult, however. And this really depends on the brand you decide to purchase from.

Which Android tablet brand is best?

It depends on your needs, but in general, Samsung’s Galaxy range tends to come up as the most popular Android tablet brand. However, Lenovo is definitely an Android Galaxy brand to look out for, especially when it comes to budget options.

Our Verdict

If you want something cheap that runs Android, the best overall option under a budget is the Lenovo Tab M10. It has a display that’s good enough for an optimal visual experience, added on top of a responsive chipset, which also comes in tandem with the best storage capacity in comparison to its competitors.