Which size tablet is best?

There may not be a right size for everyone, but there is a general trend

Amazon Fire HD 10 - which size tablet is best

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The majority of the big tablet brands have determined, according to their own studies, that there is no longer a market for the small (7-inch to 8-inch) tablets.

This is proven by the market’s basic supply and demand and is the reason why new releases are aiming more toward bigger display sizes.

It all points out that people prefer big tablet sizes over small ones – but what happens with the medium ones?

Our view is that people feel more attracted to a more practical size. When they are asked about it, people tend to choose a 10-inch tablet size more than any other size.

This is also backed up by manufacturers, and the market, because companies just keep selling and producing this tablet size. Let’s be honest, they never do anything without a chance to gain market share.

On the other side, to actually be able to determine which tablet size is best, it helps to first establish what kind of uses you’re going to need it for.

Which Tablet is best for reading books?

A 6-inch Kindle is a good option, but it doesn’t provide a handy, and wide, set of features.

If you are looking primarily to read your ebooks, while not losing the ability to watch Netflix, YouTube, listen to music or even study, then the Amazon Fire HD 10 is worth a look.

It’s possible the best tablet for reading that can be found on the market – while allowing you to do more as well.

The Amazon Fire 10 HD has a 10.1-inch display and less than 300 grams, which makes it as comfortable as a real paper book – sometimes, even less heavy.

Which tablet is best for drawing?

In this case, 10 inches isn’t always enough. You’ll need your space. If you are looking for a tablet to draw you must get something on the biggest spectrum.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 could be the best option for you. Not only does it deliver some of the best performance on the market, but it comes with the new S Pen to give your creations the definition they need.


While generally, 10-inch tablets are the best size for flexible use, this can change depending on your own needs, so don’t discount things purely based on size.

If you can test a tablet, so you get a feel for how they feel in your hands, then we’d recommend doing it. Physically holding a device can firm up or change your decision.

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