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Best Chrome OS tablets

Ditch the Apple and Android devices that are cluttered with unnecessary apps and instead go with one of the best Chrome OS tablets
Last Updated on April 14, 2023

Looking for the best Chrome OS tablets? Look no further.

Chrome OS is the operating system of, as one may guess, Chromebooks. Chrome OS is energy-efficient, easy to use, and secure. Using a Chrome OS tablet allows one to use cloud-based apps, as well as cloud storage capabilities. Furthermore, most modern Chrome OS devices also let you use Android apps through the Google Play Store.

Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets are lighter and oftentimes even more convenient than competitive tablets. They’re also a lot less expensive. Most Chrome OS devices are among the best tablets for college and university. They easily allow users to perform light work without constraint. If you’re in need of a new device over an Apple or Android product, look no further than the curated list below of the best Chrome OS tablets.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best Chrome OS tablets

To curate the best Chromebook tablets, we first inspected the build quality of each device. It’s important to note how the device feels in your hands (even more so in the case of a tablet). The next bit is testing each device’s screen resolutions. These are Chrome OS tablets, so we aren’t asking for too much. However, at least 1080p is best. Last but not least, we chose tablets that offered the best battery life and portability in the Chrome OS category.

Features and considerations

Typically, when someone is looking for a Chrome OS device, they end up buying laptops, or convertible laptops. These offer a great advantage against other devices due to being smaller and lighter. The twist is that most end up being used as a tablet. For this list, we found the absolute best Chrome OS tablets based on specifications listed below:

  • Screen Resolution
  • Android app support
  • Battery life
  • Portability
  • External build quality

Our Recommended

Best Chrome OS tablets

  • Great 2K screen resolution
  • Strong processing power
  • Good and reliable battery life
  • Fast battery charging
  • Too heavy

HP designs some of the best devices for productivity. It worked in tandem with Google to release the highly popular and among the best Chrome OS tablets, the HP Chromebook X2 11. This is an 11-inch tablet with a detachable keyboard, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7C processor with 8GB of RAM

The HP Chromebook features a beautiful silver, aluminum chassis, that feels premium to the touch. The 11-inch screen with a 2K resolution (‎2160 x 1440 Pixels) gives users a fantastic visual experience. If you’re looking to use it for school or light work, it comes with a keyboard and pen included. So you’ll be able to perform all kinds of varied workflows. Exciting stuff.

  • Superb display and image quality
  • Reliable 10 hours battery
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Bit dated
  • Pen not included

The Google Pixel Slate is an amazing device. It’s been out for quite a long time now but remains an amazing Chromebook. Google put its best efforts into this tablet and delivered one of the best work-based tablets on the market. You can’t talk about productivity devices without mentioning Chrome OS and, of course, the Google Pixel.

The Google Pixel Slate has a 12.3-inch molecular display (3000×2000)  with 6 million pixels that ensure an unforgettable visual experience, with colors so real you won’t believe you’re looking at a tablet. 

The Pixel Slate is powered by an Intel Core M3 with 8GB of Ram and it has 64GB of flash storage with additional access to Google Drive and Google One to store all of your work needs in the cloud without taking up too much of that internal storage.

  • Great sound system
  • Versatile slim chassis
  • Keyboard and stylus included
  • Heavy

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 can endure the office, as well as the long commute It’s a strong and durable 2-in-1 Chromebook powered by a Snapdragon 7C and 4GB of RAM that will make work or studying all the more streamlined with its integrated applications. 

This is a Chrome OS-based device. It c0mes with Google Drive and Google One cloud storage, plus 64GB of internal flash storage. One of the best parts of this Lenovo device is the display and sound system. It has the well-known Samsung OLED display, a 13.3″ full-HD screen (1920 x 1080) at 400 nits of brightness, 4 speakers, and 2 microphones to ensure the best quality meetings when on the go. 

  • Great Stylus
  • Powerful battery
  • Strong processing power
  • Regular display
  • Not so good speaker sound system

This Chromebook is not a tablet per se. It’s a 2-in-1 device, thanks to a built-in keyboard that can be completely folded so the product can be used as a conventional tablet. That makes it heavier than other options on this list, but it also is a bit more powerful. The Asus Chromebook Flip CX5 is an amazing fit for those in need of a device for more power-requisite workloads. 

The Asus can go up to a Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. It sports a 14-inch full HD 1920×1080 NanoEdge Display. This is nothing fancy compared to the newest and strongest tablets on the market. However, if it’s a Chrome OS device you are looking for, this is the Ferrari of the category. 

Having a full built-in keyboard, the Chromebook Flip CX5 performs amazingly, but the surprise here is its stylus. The USI Stylus works a charm compared to other Chrome OS devices, so you can get the best out of the tablet side of this Asus Flip, especially if you are a graphic designer or artist of some kind. 

That’s all of the best Chrome OS tablets you can find on the market today. Asus does right by its gaming namesake, delivering an extremely high-end device that most may not really need, but certainly is a great option for Chrome fans. But HP still remains the top dog in this category, with its display being an absolute delight that can’t be ignored. Don’t go wasting exorbitant amounts of cash on an Apple product or get lost in the Android craze, when you can simply get a Chrome OS device that has all of the bare necessities and cloud storage readily available.

What's the difference between Chromebook and Chrome OS?

Chromebooks are laptops centred around Google’s web applications. Google Chrome OS is the operating system which Chromebooks run on. Tablets and other devices can also run on Chrome OS.

Why is Chrome OS so cheap?

Chromebooks and tablets operating on the Chrome OS operating system are generally cheaper than other devices as they tend to have a lower internal memory. This is because they are web-based so store most data on an internet connection.

Our Verdict

While the Google Pixel Slate is a great device, as it proves to be better than most Chrome OS tablets on the market, it remains a bit too dated to give it the number one spot. If you’re looking for something more modern, the HP Chromebook is the best option you could go with. Its amazing screen resolution will provide you with a cutting-edge visual experience, one you will not soon forget, while also getting a powerful and durable device all wrapped into one.