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Is the Pixel Tablet worth it? Here’s what we think

Is Google's Pixel Tablet worth the hype?
Last Updated on October 30, 2023
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Google’s Pixel phones have certainly made their mark on the tech world, but is the Pixel Tablet worth it? Tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering a portable and versatile device for various tasks. Google has made several attempts at creating successful tablets in the past, with mixed results. However, their latest offering, the Google Pixel Tablet, takes a new stance on the tablet as a hybrid device. The Pixel Tablet offers a range of new and exciting features for users, but is it worth buying? In this article, we’ll look at the overall value of the Pixel Tablet, exploring what the tablet is good for, its lifespan, and whether it can make phone calls. 

Is the Pixel Tablet worth it?

Considering its price point of $500, the Pixel Android tablet may seem a bit expensive compared to alternatives like a base model of Apple’s iPads or a Nest Hub Max. However, its value depends on individual needs and preferences. If you are already part of Google’s ecosystem or prefer an Android device, the Pixel Tablet can seamlessly integrate into your digital life. Its ability to function as both a tablet and a smart home hub offers convenience and versatility.

The Pixel Tablet’s primary focus is on media consumption, gaming, and entertainment, making it a great device for watching videos, playing games, and entertaining kids. Its included charging speaker dock enhances the audio experience and ensures that the tablet is always charged and ready for use. While it may not be the ideal device for intensive productivity tasks or extensive reading, with its lack of a first-party stylus, it excels at what it is designed to do.

The Pixel Tablet offers a unique proposition for those seeking a tablet primarily for media consumption, entertainment purposes, and smart home functionalities with its ‘hub mode’. Its seamless integration with the Google Assistant ecosystem, smart display functionality, and sleek design make it a compelling choice for users who prioritize these features. However, individuals looking for a device with extensive productivity capabilities or optimized reading experiences may find alternatives more suitable to their needs. If you’re in the market for an Android tablet, we’ve also weighed in on the Pixel Tablet vs Oneplus Pad to compare which one is better.

What makes the Pixel Tablet stand out?

The Google Pixel Tablet comes with some incredible features that make it special.

SpecificationsGoogle Pixel Tablet
PriceStarting from $499
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G2 chip
Operating systemAndroid 13 / Android 14
RAM and Storage8GB RAM with 128GB or 256GB storage
Cameras8MP wide-angle rear, 8MP wide-angle front
Battery Life12 hours of video streaming
ConnectivityUSB-C, 4-pin accessory connector
ColorsRose, Porcelain, and Hazel
Pixel tablet specs table

Design and Display

The Pixel Tablet features an elegant and minimalistic design. With an 11-inch LCD screen surrounded by a slim bezel, it offers a comfortable viewing experience in both portrait and landscape orientations. The soft-touch matte finish on the aluminum body gives it a premium feel, although it may resemble plastic from a distance. The tablet is available in three colors: Rose (soft pink), Porcelain(off-white), and Hazel (grey), each with a corresponding bezel color.

Multimedia Experience

The Pixel Tablet excels in providing a great multimedia experience. With four speakers, two on each side, it offers clear audio and noticeable stereo separation. The tablet’s 8-megapixel rear camera and 8-MP front-facing camera deliver sharp details and good color for one-on-one video calls. However, the real power behind the Pixel tablet’s capabilities is its Tensor G2 chip. Not only does it give the Pixel Tablet the AI post-processing capabilities of the Pixel 7 phones, such as Magic Eraser, but it also offers exceptional speed and efficiency, ensuring smooth multitasking and seamless performance.

It also comes with a speaker dock. This dock serves as a charging station and enhances the audio experience when the tablet is not in use. By simply placing the tablet on the dock, users can seamlessly transfer audio to the dock’s louder and better-quality speaker. This feature eliminates the need for voice commands or Bluetooth pairing, providing a hassle-free way to enjoy music or other audio content.

Smart Display Functionality

When docked, the Pixel Tablet transforms into a smart display, resembling Google’s Nest Hub Max. It can respond to voice commands and display information in a user-friendly format. With three far-field microphones, the tablet can pick up “Hey Google” voice commands from across the room, so users can ask for weather updates, sports scores, general facts, and more.  Naturally, the tablet can also play music, set timers, and control smart home devices, making it a versatile addition to any household.

What’s the Pixel Tablet good for?

The Pixel Tablet excels at tasks such as watching videos, playing games, browsing the web, and entertaining kids. Its smart display functionality also makes it a convenient device for controlling smart home devices, listening to music, and accessing information through voice commands. It’s a top-end Android tablet competitor, going up against market dominators including the Samsung Galaxy tab.

How many years will the Pixel Tablet last?

The longevity of the Pixel Tablet depends on various factors, including usage, software updates, and maintenance. With proper care and regular updates, the tablet can last for several years. While technological advancements and evolving user needs may encourage users to upgrade to newer models over time, it’s worth noting that since the Pixel 6’s release, Google has promised guaranteed Android updates for three years and security updates for five years on its Pixel Devices.

Can the Pixel Tablet make phone calls?

No, the Pixel Tablet does not have built-in cellular connectivity, and it cannot make phone calls. It is primarily designed for Wi-Fi connectivity and media consumption purposes, so although it can’t make phone calls, you can still make video calls and calls over internet calling services.

Marla’s view – is it worth it?

All-in-all, my current view is that the Pixel Tablet could definitely be worth the investment if you’re after an Android Tablet that can also act as a smart home hub if you should ever so need it. Given that its $499 price tag also gets you the charging speaker dock, it’s a mid-range price for a pretty premium experience. While it doesn’t come equipped with a stylus or keyboard, such as the Apple Pencil for iPad use, the device does support the use of third-party USI 2.0 digital pens, meaning that using it as a productivity device isn’t entirely out of the picture. It might not offer the premium high-end experiences of the iPad Pro or Galaxy Tab S9, but its display, Android 14 software, and Tensor G2 chipset make the Pixel Tablet a formidable competitor on the current tablet market.

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