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While competitors’ tablets have OLED screens, Apple is taking its time developing the ideal iPad with an OLED screen.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, first predicted that the first OLED iPad would debut in 2022 but later claimed that he had scrapped this prediction.

The expert stated in a subsequent article that Apple is still planning to introduce an OLED iPad soon. So let’s examine the rumors and all the information available about the device.

OLED iPad release date and price

Although there isn’t a set release date for the iPad Pro models, unlike, say, the iPhone, in 2021 there was an announcement of the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch in May.

The third-generation iPad Pro was released in November 2018, while Apple released the fourth generation in March 2020.

So the new model will probably be released at the end of 2022 because the primary pattern is that the generations are released more than a year apart.

The iPad Pro 12.9-inch starts at $1099, while Apple has priced the iPad Pro 11-inch at $799. We would anticipate a similar range for a new OLED iPad Model.

OLED iPad specifications rumors


According to some rumors as far back as 2021, the 12.9-inch and 11-inch models will convert to OLED LTPO panels while maintaining ProMotion and a variable refresh rate.

Meanwhile, other rumors suggest that neither the 12.9-inch nor the 11-inch models would choose OLED this time, with the 12.9-inch remaining as it is with its mini-LED screen. In either case, we anticipate the sizing to continue with a 12.9-inch and an 11-inch model.


The next-generation iPad Pros, according to rumors, will resemble their predecessors quite a bit. Still, they may be made of titanium alloy for increased durability and scratch resistance. Additionally, they may have narrower bezels around the display.

Otherwise, we may anticipate a screen with flat borders and a notch at the top for Face ID and the front-facing camera. However, some renders reveal a triple rear camera in a square camera housing in the upper right corner, suggesting the possibility of an additional lens.


The M2 chip looks like it will be included in the newest iPad Pro versions. This chip is anticipated to have an eight-core CPU similar to the M1 chip but will operate faster due to a new 4-nanometer manufacturing process.

As with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, it has also been reported that the upcoming iPad Pro devices would include MagSafe. If so, we can expect a variety of accessories to be introduced to take advantage of this feature, allowing us to use the iPad Pro models as a screen with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.


The new iPad Pro models are rumored to have a triple back camera, which would be a modest improvement over the two lenses on the present versions.

Although the rumor doesn’t mention the lens composition, it did mention a LiDAR sensor. Therefore, if a triple camera system materializes, we anticipate it will have the main sensor, a telephoto sensor, and an ultra wide-angle sensor comparable to the iPhone 13 Pro models.

If these rumors pan out, the OLED iPad would be perfect for TikTokers and YouTubers because of its large battery life and the fact that it has an excellent set of cameras for both taking pictures and videos.

Expected upgrades

We should note that the 12.9-inch edition of the 2021 iPad Pro only managed eleven hours and 48 minutes in our web surfing test, whereas the 11-inch model reached 13:42. This is not to say that the 2021 iPad Pro’s battery life is in any way subpar.

We think that there will be larger cells to make up for this if it turns out that the mini-LED screen consumes more power than the IPS panel this time. We should, however, wait to see how Apple will integrate the battery with the new screen technology if we receive OLED displays.

Will the new OLED iPad be worth it?

The new OLED panels will be well worth the cost if used with the most recent technology advancements or even new camera lenses.

However, as Apple is a perfectionist and prefers to employ the highest-quality materials available in the market, the price can be prohibitive. Therefore, the product will suit you well if the price is not a concern for you or you prefer to spend your savings on a gadget that won’t let you down in any situation.

Despite Apple’s prolonged attention to the product, we anticipate strong sales and high customer satisfaction.

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