How To Update an Android Tablet

The OS is an important part of the device in question, which is why it is imperative to update your Android tablet where necessary

How To Update Android Tablet

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Android is constantly running software and security updates to ensure your device is bug-free and offers the best overall experience. Usually, the device will notify you so you can update the Android tablet accordingly, but there are times when you may not receive the notification at all, requiring you to go in and perform the process yourself.

Below, we’ll dive into exactly how to update an Android tablet.



Know your tablet version

Go to settings, then tap “About Phone.” Once there go to “Android version.” You’ll see your device’s specific “Android version,” “Android security update,” and “Build number.”



Return to settings tab

Once you have determined that an Android tablet update is necessary, head into settings and tap “System.”




Select “System Update.” The specific Android tablet will walk you through the process.



Security updates

Go to settings and tap “Security.”



Check if available

Tap “Google Security checkup” to see if there are any security updates for your device. You can also tap “Google Play system update” specifically for Google Play updates. Accept any available update, and you’re good to go.

With those updates in toe, your Android tablet will be up to date after these simple steps. It won’t take you more the five minutes, all so you can get back to having fun on one of the best Android tablets for gaming.

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