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What channel is The CW on Dish Network? 2024 update

Find out the channel number for The CW on Dish Network here!
Last Updated on March 6, 2024
What channel is the CW on Dish Network
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If you were wondering what channel is The CW on Dish Network, we’ve got you covered.

The CW has a decent ranking, coming in at the 36th position with a viewership of 291,000 as of February 2024. This means that it’s one of the go-to channels for a lot of people for all their entertainment. So, it’s almost a given that a channel with a good following will be included in TV deals from popular cable providers, including Dish Network. 

That said, locating the channel is the challenging part, as the channel number varies from city to city. For example, you’ll find The CW on channel 11 in Brooklyn, but for someone in Austin, it’ll be on channel 54. 

To that end, we’ve put together this guide that will tell you what channel is The CW on Dish Network so you can tune in quickly. 

The CW channel number on Dish Network

Unlike other TV channels, ABC has a consistent channel number for all cities. 

City/StateChannel Number
•Bronx, NY
•Brooklyn, NY
•Buffalo, NY
•New York, NY
•St. Louis, MO
•Seattle, WA
•Fort Lauderdale, FL
•Houston, TX
•Miami, FL
•San Francisco, CA
•San Jose, CA
•Tampa, FL
•Austin, TX
•Baltimore, MD
•Dallas, TX
•Ft. Worth, TX
•Las Vegas, NV
•Albuquerque, NM
•Pittsburgh, PA
•Bakersfield, CA
•Jacksonville, FL
•Charlotte, NC
•Milwaukee, WI
•Orlando, FL
•Memphis, TN
•Salt Lake City, UT
•Minneapolis, MN
•St. Paul, MN
•Detroit, MI
•Washington, DC
•Tucson, AZ
•Louisville, KY
•Denver, CO2
•San Antonio, TX4
•Los Angeles, CA5
•El Paso, TX7
•Indianapolis, IN8
•Cincinnati, OH12
•Albuquerque, NM21
•Chicago, IL26
•Sacramento, CA31
•Portland, OR32
•Oklahoma City, OK34
•Cleveland, OH43
•Columbus, OH53
•Philadelphia, PA57
•Fresno, CA59
•Phoenix, AZ61
•Atlanta, GA69

Dish Network plans – can you watch The CW with all of them?

Dish Network has various TV plans that offer different numbers of channels in different languages and at varying prices. The good news is that they all have The CW, meaning you can even get the basic plan and enjoy your favorite shows. 

Plan NamePriceNo. of channels
America’s Top 120$84.99190
America’s Top 200$104.99240+
America’s Top 250$114.99290+

Are there any other channels like The CW on Dish Network? 

If you like the content on The CW, you’re in luck, as it isn’t the only channel of its kind. There are a handful of channels on Dish Network that you can watch. We’ve mentioned a couple of them below. 

The list doesn’t end there; channels like AMC and Fox are also available.  


This marks the end of our journey and this was everything you needed to know about what channel is The CW on Dish Network. Hopefully, you can now easily tune in, and we recommend adding it to your list of favorite channels to make it more accessible. 

If you can’t find it on the given channel numbers, it could mean that the positioning has been changed. If that happens, we’ll update our list with the latest information. On the flip side, the sudden disappearance could be due to various factors, such as the channel being dropped by the platform or the network pulling it because of conflicts. So, if you can’t find The CW anywhere, we recommend contacting Dish Network customer support for further assistance. 

If you’re interested in some potential upgrade options for your bedroom TV to enjoy the content on The CW, we’ve covered that as well. Check out our best TV for bedroom guide for the top picks available on the market today.

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