What channel is TNT on Spectrum? Updated for 2024

Find out the channel number of TNT on Spectrum!

Can you tell me the channel for TNT on Spectrum?

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If you’re trying to figure out what channel is TNT on Spectrum, we’ve got your back.

According to USTVDB, TNT is the seventh most popular channel and is watched by 1.6 million people in 2024. So, it’s almost a given that it’ll be a part of most deals offered by top cable TV providers, which includes Spectrum. However, locating the channel can be a bit tricky as it is different in every city and state, even if you have the same Spectrum plan.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what channel TNT is on Spectrum so you can tune into it quickly regardless of where you’re located.

TNT channel number on Spectrum

Here is the complete list of channel numbers for TNT on Spectrum.

City/StateChannel Number
• Bronx, NY
• Brooklyn, NY
• Buffalo, NY
• New York, NY
• San Antonio, TX
• San Diego, CA
• Bakersfield, CA
• Milwaukee, WI
• Tampa, FL
• Dallas, TX
• Fort Worth, TX
Atlanta, GA29
Austin, TX67
Charlotte, NC26
Cincinnati, OH51
Cleveland, OH61
Columbus, OH12
El Paso, TX40
Indianapolis, IN35
Los Angeles, CA42
Louisville, KY43
Orlando, FL11
St. Louis, MO49
St. Paul, MN55

What if you can’t access TNT on Spectrum?

If you’re having an issue accessing the channel, it may be blocked, or there could be a technical difficulty. We’d recommend contacting Spectrum support, who should be able to help.

Spectrum cable TV plans – is TNT available with all of them?

There are three plans to choose from, which you can find below.

Plan NamePriceTotal Channels
TV Select Signature$64.99 / month150+ 
TV Select Signature Plus $76.99 / month200+
TV Select Signature + Sports View + Entertainment View$83.99 / month240+ 

Thankfully, TNT is available in all three plans. So, even if you have the Select Signature plan, you don’t have to worry about upgrading or getting an add-on to watch the channel.

Are there any other channels on Spectrum like TNT?

If you’re looking for other channels like TNT to watch other shows, you’re in luck. Spectrum has a wide array of channels that you can explore. These are home to some great talk shows, original series, and more. You can learn more about these channels, along with their channel numbers, below.


Now that you know what channel TNT is on Spectrum, it would be wise to bookmark it in your Favorite Channels. This way, you can return to it easily. Also, keep in mind that Spectrum can change the channel number of TNT at any time. However, if that happens, we’ll make sure to update our guide.

In case you can’t find TNT on your Spectrum plan, that could mean a couple of things. First, it could be a possibility that its no longer available on Spectrum or for your particular city. It could also be down for maintenance or due to a local outage. In whichever case, it’s best to contact customer support for confirmation.

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