Roku TV black screen – how to fix, causes, and step-by-step guide

Tcl Roku TV black screen: causes and step-by-step guide to fix.

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Are you experiencing a black screen of death on your Roku TV? If yes, it’s pretty common for Roku streaming devices or smart TVs, which only requires a few simple ways to fix it.

It can be quite frustrating, particularly if you are in the middle of watching a movie or show. With our step-by-step guide, you will get rid of the black screen and continue watching your favorite content. 

What is the Roku TV black screen?

The Roku TV black screen of death occurs when your screen goes completely dark without any picture. In most cases, you’ll notice a flickering black screen with sound, and rebooting or soft resetting should quickly fix the problem.

What causes the Roku TV black screen issue?

Depending on the Roku streaming device, there are various causes why your TV screen can suddenly go black. It could mean that the Roku TV is not turned on if you’re using a faulty remote control or the batteries are dead. 

Alternatively, your Roku TV is not connected to the internet. Start by troubleshooting your Wi-Fi and ensure that the internet is working.

Moving on, here are other common reasons for Roku TV’s black screen.

Loose cable connection

A loose or disconnected cable could be the main culprit for the black screen of death on your Roku TV. Check cable connections and ensure they are securely connected to the streaming device and the TV.

Incorrect input

Another possibility is that you have selected the incorrect input source on your TV. This usually happens when you wrongly choose an input source from the one to which your streaming device is connected. Counter-checking the input source will quickly fix the black screen problem.

Software glitches

There could be a software glitch or bug with your Roku TV, and a quick reboot should solve the problem. That’s why we recommend updating your firmware when the updates are available.

Faulty HDMI cable or port

One of the main reasons why your Roku TV screen is blank is that you have a faulty HDMI cable or port. Try connecting the streaming device to another HDMI port and selecting the right HDMI option to see if the black screen disappears instantly.

Hardware problem

The Roku TV device itself can have a hardware problem, and you’ll need to involve a professional or contact Roku support for additional troubleshooting help.

How to fix the Roku TV black screen

You can solve Roku TV’s black screen of death with the following quick steps.



Restart your Roku TV

Restarting the device is one of the most straightforward ways of fixing your Roku TV’s black screen. If it doesn’t work, try power cycling by unplugging everything from the power source, waiting for a few seconds, and then plugging back the Roku device and all the other cables to solve the issue.



Check for loose connections

Ensure every cable from the power cord to the HDMI is securely connected to prevent the black screen issue. While at it, check that the input source set is correct.



Check for damaged cables or ports

Check for any damaged wires or input ports with some debris. You can use a dry, soft brush to clear the debris and reconnect the Roku device. If the problem is not fixed, it may be a hardware problem that calls for a repair or replacement.



Replace the batteries on your remote

Your remote batteries may be weak if you have used them for quite some time. Consider reinstalling new batteries on your Roku TV remote control to solve the problem.



Reset your Roku TV

You can reset your Roku TV using the following method with just your remote.

  • Press the home button 5 times
  • Next, hit the up arrow button 1 time
  • Then, hit the rewind button 2 times
  • Lastly, hit the fast-forward button 2 times

This clears your Roku TV cache and, most certainly, resets the settings, solving the black screen issue instantly. If you have followed the procedure correctly, your TV will freeze for a few seconds before restarting automatically.

The bottom line

While some of the above steps can fix the Roku TV’s black screen of death, there are instances when you need to contact Roku support, especially if it’s a hardware problem that requires immediate repair or replacement. It may also be time to upgrade to another TV if this problem is recurring and you’re getting a little fed up! If that’s the case, there are plenty of options on the market such as TCL that use the Roku platform.

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