LG Magic Remote not working – fixes

Don't worry just yet, try these steps to get your remote back being useful

LG Magic Remote not working -

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So you’ve got an LG TV, but suffering from your LG Magic Remote not working. Frustrating, but don’t despair. In this article, we’ll take you through some key fixes and things to try before getting a replacement.

We’ll cover the most usual issues here too, so scroll down should you not see the immediate fix you need.

LG Magic Remote not working – issues


LG Magic Remote won’t pair or register

A pairing issue is at the root of any non-working remote, since the TV and remote need to be paired to work!

For the LG Magic Remote the pairing issue could be one of several things, so consider the below.



Check the batteries

The first port of call, even on a new remote should be the batteries, since if they’re not providing enough power the remote won’t pair.

Swap them out for some new batteries and then try the pairing process again.



Ensure clear line of sight

To pair with your LG TV, the LG Magic Remote should have a clear line of sight to the TV.

This will ensure there are no obstacles blocking the infrared and Bluetooth signals the remote depends on to connect and send signals to the TV.

If the line of sight is clear, check the top of your LG Magic Remote to ensure there is a flash – showing an instruction being sent to the TV.

If you cannot see the flash, check again, looking through the camera app on a smarthone – since this should capture the flash.



Reset the remote

Resetting the LG Magic Remote itself may depend on the model and age of your TV (and remote).

Consult your product manual for the specific approach, but otherwise try one of these options. Options 2 and 3 should reset and re-pair a relevant remote to your LG TV.

  1. Press and hold both the ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ buttons for 5 seconds, until the remote starts to flash.
  2. Hold down the ‘Exit’ button for 30 seconds.
  3. Hold down the ‘Guide’ button for 30 seconds.




Reset the TV

It could be the TV that is the reason your LG Magic Remote isn’t working.

To test this, reset the TV but turning it off at the plug, removing the plug for a minute. Also remove the batteries from the remote.

After a minute return the batteries to the LG Magic Remote, then plug in the TV and turn it back on at the plug.

All being well this will have resolved your issues


LG Magic Remote keeps disconnecting

For this we would recommend checking the batteries – since if the remote is paired but keeps disconnecting this could be a power issue.

It is possible the remote is out of range, and you  could try moving closer to the TV to resolve any such problem. However, this is unlikely in most scenarios

Should neither of the above work, your remote may be defective and need replacing.

Final thoughts

If none of the above advice can stop your LG Magic Remote from not working, it may be time to request a replacement.

TV remotes should work without issue should they be paired and powered correctly, and not used at extreme distances from the paired TV (usually around 30 feet).

If your LG Magic Remote is getting less responsive over time, it could be a battery or button issue (the former being easier to fix at home!). But if the remote is new, or suddenly stops working and won’t re-pair, then contacting LG for a replacement is probably a good idea!

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