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LG G4 OLED vs LG OLED B4 – what’s the difference?

Last Updated on March 5, 2024
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LG has a TV for almost every type of consumer; in a side-by-side of the LG G4 OLED vs LG OLED B4, the main difference is the panel brightness, the G4 comes equipped with the micro Lens Array technology which makes it 150% brighter than the B4. However, this also makes the TV more expensive.

Though we will give you more specific details regarding which one you should go for, the deal breaker could be the price. If you’re looking for a flagship TV with the latest technology, the G4 should be your choice; on the other hand, the B4 is the entry-level OLED 4K TV for those enthusiasts who want access to LG modern WOLED (white OLED) panels without spending too much. Let’s see more about this comparison.

LG G4 OLED vs LG OLED B4: Specs and Performance


Both the LG G4 OLED and LG B4 OLED are equipped with LG’s latest webOS 24 platform, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This new iteration brings back personalized content recommendations directly to the home screen, enhancing the viewing experience by making it more tailored to individual preferences. The introduction of ‘Quick Cards’ further streamlines navigation, providing dynamic shortcuts to frequently used apps and features, allowing for seamless transitions between activities.

Furthermore, webOS 24 introduces support for up to ten user profiles, ensuring that content recommendations are precisely customized for each viewer. In the U.S., an advanced voice recognition feature automatically adjusts profiles based on who is speaking, promising a more personalized interaction with the TV. This voice recognition capability is set to expand to other regions, including the UK, in future updates.

Sizes55″, 65″, 77″, 83″, 97″48″, 55″, 65″, 77″
Ports4x HDMI 2.14x HDMI 2.1
Resolution3840 x 2160p (4K)3840 x 2160p (4K)
HDRHDR10, HLG, Dolby VisionHDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
Smart TV softwareWeb OS 24Web OS 24
ProcessorAlpha 11Alpha 8
Native refresh rate144Hz120 Hz

Performance and brightness

The key differences lie in panel technology and processing power. The G4 OLED leaps ahead with its second-generation Micro Lens Array (MLA) panel, boasting a 50% increase in brightness compared to its predecessor, capable of reaching up to 3000 nits. This feature significantly enhances viewing in bright conditions.

Under the hood, the G4 is powered by LG’s most advanced Alpha 11 AI Processor, introducing exclusive features like ‘AI Director Processing’ for color tone accuracy and ‘Object Enhancing by Visual Perception’ for pixel-level clarity. These AI-driven enhancements promise a more immersive viewing experience by dynamically adjusting picture settings to match content creators’ visions.

Contrastingly, the B4 OLED sticks with the Alpha 8 processor, which, while competent, doesn’t offer the AI enhancements or brightness capabilities of the G4. It lacks the MLA technology, meaning it won’t achieve the same level of peak brightness, although it still marks an improvement over the B3 model.

Both models are well-equipped for gaming with four HDMI 2.1 ports, but the G4’s 144Hz native refresh rate trumps the B4’s 120Hz, making the G4 a superior choice for gamers seeking the smoothest possible gameplay.

LG G4 OLED vs LG OLED B4: Price

In the competitive landscape of flagship 4K TVs, the LG G4 positions itself among the titans, like the Samsung S95D and Panasonic Z95A, awaiting Sony’s entry. Pricing for the LG G4 starts at $2,600 for the 55-inch model, $3,399 for the 65-inch variant, and skyrockets to $24,999 for the monumental 97-inch version. Although LG has yet to unveil the pricing for the B4 series, it’s expected to be significantly more wallet-friendly, offering a cost-effective alternative for those who desire LG’s renowned OLED technology without the premium price tag of the G4.

LG G4 OLED vs LG OLED B4: Conclusion

The LG G4 OLED sets itself apart from the B4 with two key advancements: the incorporation of Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology for unparalleled brightness and the powerful Alpha 11 processor for superior image processing. These features make the G4 the ideal choice for tech enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of LG’s OLED technology.

The B4, on the other hand, remains a compelling option for those looking for quality without the premium cost, perfect for the average consumer or anyone new to OLED TVs. Each model caters to a distinct audience, ensuring LG has something for every type of viewer.

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