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Is the DualSense Edge controller compatible with PSVR2?

PSVR2 DualSense compatibility is a rather fun topic as both devices are relatively new and quite costly

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on May 10, 2023
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PlayStation’s DualSense controller was released in January 2023. The controller had some cool features and specs capable enough to enhance the fun experiences underpinning PlayStation games. Since PSVR2 is now out, many gamers are wondering if the headset would be compatible with the DualSense Edge controller. The short and quick answer to that is yes.

Read below to learn more about its compatibility and a little more insight.

What is Dualsense Edge Controller

The DualSense edge controller is the latest entry in PS consoles as the most expensive controller. It featured enormous qualities and benefits, making it a better choice than the original DualSense controller. A player could feel it better holding it with easy joysticks replacements, an easy customization option, and a braided long USB cable. However, pricey and shorter battery life is its significant disadvantages.

Which Games Would Be Compatible With the Dualsense Edge Controller?

We already know the DualSense Edge controller would be compatible with the PSVR2. The next question is which PSVR2 games would be compatible with the Edge controller. Previously, the DualSense controller was incompatible with the original version of PSVR. However, it was only compatible with a few PSVR titles, including Star Wars Squadrons.

With each title, you must first check whether the PSVR2 is compatible with the DualSense edge controller. However, like the original DualSense, the Edge features some similarities in terms of compatibility. First, Sony revealed a list of games compatible with the PSVR2. Moreover, it even has confirmed a list of a few PSVR2 games that would be further compatible with the DualSense controller.

The games include Astro Bot, Resident Evil 7, Star Wars Mission Squadrons, Wipeout Omega: The Collection, No Man’s Sky, Paper Beast, and Dreams. Unfortunately, the famous hit title Horizon Call of a Mountain would not be compatible with the DualSense Edge controller.

Also, like in the previous case of DualSense controller compatibility with the PSVR, players will have to wait for official compatibility with the DualSense Edge controller.

PS4 Compatibility with Dualsense Edge Controller

There was no official release or confirmation about the PS4 being compatible with the DualSense controller. Therefore, players could establish a few methods to connect the PS4 with a DualSense controller. However, Sony has never officially announced or released a patch for this type of connectivity.

So, those wondering if the PS4 would be compatible with the DualSense Edge controller will be disappointed as the DualSense Edge controller will not be compatible with the PS4.

Other than that, Sony officially confirmed in its Podcast by Hideaki Nishino that there would be no backward compatibility of PSVR2 with the PS4. The firm stated PSVR2 to be a next-generation enhanced level experience for which the PS4 was not the right fit. Although the PS4 technology hasn’t been outdated yet, it still isn’t capable enough to support the latest PSVR2 headset when it comes to technology.

Therefore, the PSVR2 is thus far compatible with the included dual controllers, the DualSense Edge, and no other hardware device. However, Sony may show some leniency to make it compatible with other devices, but that would again not be possible for some time.


The DualSense Edge controller is a premium quality controller with a unique design and function. It is compatible with the PSVR2. However, Sony has only listed a handful of PS5 titles to be compatible with the PSVR and the DualSense Edge controller. Therefore, you must keep both in mind before making a purchasing decision.

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