Does the PSVR2 Support HDR?

The answer's a little complex

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Wondering whether the PSVR 2 can support HDR technology? Read on to find out.

High Dynamic Range, or HDR technology, is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular in modern gaming consoles. HDR is a display technology that offers a wider range of colors and brightness than traditional displays. 

It enhances the gaming experience significantly. HDR displays provide better contrast, brighter highlights, and deeper blacks than traditional displays. This ultimately leads to a more immersive and lifelike gaming experience. 

Therefore, many gamers are now curious about the compatibility of HDR with the PlayStation VR 2 or PSVR2.

What Is PSVR 2?

Before delving into whether PSVR2 supports HDR, it’s essential to understand what PSVR2 is. The PSVR2 is the successor of the original PlayStation VR, which was released in 2016. 

The new version is compatible with the PlayStation 5 and has improved resolution, a field of view, and tracking, among other features.

The Importance of HDR for Gaming

HDR has become a vital component of modern gaming technology, and gamers often prefer displays that support it. HDR provides better color reproduction, contrast, and brightness, which leads to a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

This technology enhances the player’s visibility in dark scenes, making it easier to spot opponents or other game elements that would otherwise be difficult to see. Furthermore, HDR provides a more visually appealing gaming experience, making games more engaging and entertaining.

PSVR 2 & HDR Compatibility

The PlayStation VR2 supports HDR, which is excellent news for gamers who prefer HDR displays. The console’s VR headset can handle HDR pass-through, which means it can display HDR content when the console connects to an HDR-compatible display.

However, it’s important to note that the PSVR2 does not have an HDR display. The PSVR2’s display is still an OLED panel, similar to its predecessor, but with a higher resolution and field of view.

HDR Pass-Through

HDR pass-through is a feature that allows HDR content to be displayed on an HDR-compatible display. When a console with HDR pass-through connects to an HDR-compatible display, the console sends the HDR signal to the display, which then processes it and displays the content.

When the PSVR2 connects to an HDR-compatible display, the console sends the HDR signal to the display, and the display processes it and displays the content.

How to Use HDR With PSVR 2

To use HDR with the PSVR2, you need to have an HDR-compatible display. If you have an HDR-compatible TV, you can connect your PlayStation 5 to it using an HDMI cable that supports HDR.

Once the PlayStation 5 connects to the HDR-compatible display, connect the PSVR2 to the PlayStation 5 using the included HDMI cable. The PSVR2’s processor unit has an HDMI pass-through port, which means you can join the console to the processor unit and the pass-through port to the TV.


The PSVR2 can display HDR content when connected to an HDR-compatible display. The PSVR2 does not have an HDR display but can pass the HDR signal to an HDR-compatible display.

HDR is a vital component of modern gaming technology and provides a more realistic and immersive gaming experience. Therefore, it’s excellent news for gamers that the PSVR2 supports HDR pass-through, enhancing their gaming experience significantly.

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